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Merging with Fire 2004/2005

Dear Ones;

During my meditations; I was told to experience fire and it's form, shape, movement and color for the purpose of healing and releasing during the Shamanic studies.

It is a beautiful time of year when you burn the candles, create fire-pits as Fall calls out to you for the unity of all to gather. Like the leaves blown off the trees do their own dance and assembly to groups of all types of trees. It is like the symbol of creating a new community together from all that dwell on Earth. It was time to understand what the purpose of fire is.

We know that from using fire it can be helpful in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere of comfort or intimacy depending on the situation in a bond-fire or campfire or fireplace setting. It creates a moment of community circles inviting us to share stories, release some things or dance & celebrate for a common purpose of good. The other use of fire is the use to cook outdoors for those avid to the outdoors whether a hunter or not. It's a time when families and their children seek a primal connection drawing out of their elders to remind of their wisdom or history records in their minds. To pull out these memories of how to appreciate life during an era we had not experienced to recognize the humanity's tests, and uprising/challenging and the progress of history.

We soon realize that nothing is permanent and change will come. We then realize that fire can be a healer in its sense of gathering community. Another way fire can be is ferocious as you have witnessed the forest fires but these did not culminate until man decided to be careless. Not to make sure the fires were extinguished properly or tossing a lighted cigarettes into a dry bundle of leaves or pine needles and leaving without making sure there was not any burning and smoke evolving into destruction. Fire is no friend to those who carelessly play with it and forget its' power. It can be a transformer or a destructor.

It reminds me of The Hindu Gods of the stages of healing cycles:

- Shiva (The Destroyer who helps the mind and clear decisions)

- Brahma (God of Creation in healing and sound.)

- Vishnu (Preserver of those on earth and healing powers). Trilogy of Hindu forces together in their own stages and rites of passage to learn from reading their stories. It was existent in Thailand when Buddhist and Hindu influences were fond in ancient temples or sites.

As I lighted a candle; Spirit asked me to stare at one flame and take notice it is white at first when lit. The is the start of our clear intention to understand what fire is before the flame is lit. Then notice yourself getting closer to the flame and eventually becoming the white flame. Hold in your heart what you wish to see that needs evolving and releasing. You can see a symbol, have a feeling or hear a voice/s that need to be seen to address. There is no judgment nor defense needed to be truthful about the use of healing fire. It's like the fire spinners that play with fire but invite our fascination who they can play without harming. They respect the fire from lessons in learning to spin and swallow or dance with fire. It's the primal source of connection since ancient times. They have learned it is a source of transformation, to be respected working with fire and to honor the forces of healing or destruction.

The Lesson:

The next as you place yourself into the mental flame and merge; you will feel the temperature of the flame and you see yourself joined as a larger flame with fire. It welcomes you and asks you what you notice about the way the flame burns. Do you notice it waves frantically? Do you notice it is still? Do you notice does it expand and grow higher? You know that the sacred body lesson cannot be harmed by you asking these questions & observations yourself. Now as you are feeling quite settled and unharmed in this pure white flame; you are asked to see what needs healing and releasing to be transformed as Truth.

As you think about this guided lesson from fire; you then see yourself turning red the color of passion and if erratic maybe anger issues. Simple breath in the fire to cleanse your heart and into your heart where love dwells and your passion. What do you need to focus on to be healed? Do you need to release a person, place or thing or situation? See this first clearly in order to release. Once you see this as Fire is narrating this experience; you feel the temperature changes as a red passionate flame of release and how it burns accepting whatever state of motion and movement produced by your passionate flame. There is no wrong state of being.

The next and final step; is to release this into that fire and feeling light and brighter in truth each breath and release welcomes a higher vibration of yourself and your flame turns blue with truth and sit and stand in the flame and slowly move your body one with the flame sitting and feel the total truth of yourself presented to the Universe. Look at the release and transformed Self in your blue flame. Embrace and acknowledge your truth and celebrate yourself as a union of fire and truth. You feel the temperature changes and the way the fire of you in blue flame in union. There is no turning back to your Self Proclaimed Transformation in fire. You are confident and stand in it in all the glory of who you are. Embrace yourself undoubtedly. Create no conditions to this Truth in yourself. You are deserving to be as whole as possible in Truth. The Universe is waiting. Yes, you will revisit many times as everything is a cycle and moves in revelation of Truth with Fire. It is time to leave and share this with your physical body.

Welcome back to your True Self and then thank the Fire as you two separate in order for your sacred body to take this healing into your earthly body once again grounded and connected to the earth and feeling so Bright and Light. Feeling certain of yourself knowing that no one can tell you who you are or ignore your divinity of yourself not even YOU. Take the positive actions on earth to celebrate this rerelease, renewal and Lesson of the Fire.

Thank you and may you be blessed with the Fire of the Holy Spirit or Pure Light with set intentions to be Truth and Whole again withe the Lesson of Merging with Fire. In gratitude and sharing...Namaste.


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