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Mother Isis Lessons on Mt. Olympus Journey

Isis is the Egyptian Deity of alchemy and motherhood. She is one who lost her beloved and used magic to bring him back to life and had a beautiful son.

On this journey, Mother Isis met me at Mt. Olympus where she simply took her mind to the point in front of a temple. There sat Zeus on his throne and welcomed me back as his daughter and I sat in the palm of his hand. I turned into a white dove. From then on, he has called me "Dove."

Isis then took me to the temple and my clothing transformed into a mini me of Isis. I chuckled at this and she called me "My Apprentice." She wanted to let me know that the magic of motherhood is effort and my heart and knowing when to let go and when to assist our children.

We went inside the temple into a chamber where she had a stone bed and a stone shelf with elixirs that were cobalt blue in hand made blown glass with tops on these. She was the mystery and magical Being of Potential. She asked me to lay down on her stone bed and I did as she poured a cobalt elixir over my 3rd eye and it flowed downward into my limbs and body. I was bathed in this magical potion of healing as the Guardian of the Temple surrounded the outside in the form of a Great Dragon. The Temple Dragon is my name for this feared but gentle being to those regarded as the 'Treasure of the Earth' that this serpent protects from all harm. The body of this Blessed Beast surrounded the temple coiled around it ready to protect and serve.

As I felt the cooling flow of this potion; my body felt renewed and released the overthinking of the worry and concerns unfounded as effective tools to inspire my children and to serve Spirit. I thanked Isis and gave her offerings in gratitude. She then said, "Farewell, till next time My Apprentice." I exited the temple and her voice followed me saying: "You simply envision your Sacred Body back into your Earth Body instead of piercing and going through the old motions of journeying into dimensions anymore.” She said, "Envision and be."

I was most grateful for the evolution of learning in journeys with Goddess Mother Isis and returned giving thanks to the Universe, my Pure Light Helps and the Temple Dragon for the revelations and healing.

I am eternally grateful to the Goddess of the Time for the Universal Lessons of the Time. Peace to you all. Namaste.


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