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Nectar of the Heart Lotus Healing - Goddess Kuan Yin 2/12/23

Nectar of the Heart Lotus Healing - Kuan Yin 2/12/23

Dear Beloveds;

Has your heart been challenged lately to know the clarity of self? Do you identify yourself with how others perceive you? Do you believe that doing and being is all that you are? Do you feel drained or pushed or pulled in order to function in your life? It is time to understand that we are not being or doing for others that identifies our purpose and our being. It is our divine light that only requires us to know our heart. To clear out our heart strings and cords that we made to attach as a false purpose to existence and being. You are a heart energy. You are all heart. Do not forget yourself. Sometimes, we forget who we are, forget our own being and existence is not dependent on others or fulfilling duties to make others happy. It is not unselfish to take time to love yourself again. To find the things in life that spur your spirit, your passion and love and it is finding your way back to your eternal divine flame. It resides in your heart. Kuan Yin is here to help you reconnect to your heart and who you are.