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Nectar of the Heart Lotus Healing - Goddess Kuan Yin 2/12/23

Nectar of the Heart Lotus Healing - Kuan Yin 2/12/23

Dear Beloveds;

Has your heart been challenged lately to know the clarity of self? Do you identify yourself with how others perceive you? Do you believe that doing and being is all that you are? Do you feel drained or pushed or pulled in order to function in your life? It is time to understand that we are not being or doing for others that identifies our purpose and our being. It is our divine light that only requires us to know our heart. To clear out our heart strings and cords that we made to attach as a false purpose to existence and being. You are a heart energy. You are all heart. Do not forget yourself. Sometimes, we forget who we are, forget our own being and existence is not dependent on others or fulfilling duties to make others happy. It is not unselfish to take time to love yourself again. To find the things in life that spur your spirit, your passion and love and it is finding your way back to your eternal divine flame. It resides in your heart. Kuan Yin is here to help you reconnect to your heart and who you are.

In this journey, we breathe in the white light and ground ourselves in a beautiful park or forest or near a tree or sitting directly on the earth to connect. We come from the earth and we shall return. We are united even in our fleshly temple to the Earth. The Universal Lesson of the time to understand the heart energy of self. Sacred Self is eternal….it has no flesh, it has no bones or blood or organs. It is the essence of who you are in your Heart. Start to breathe this white light in your lungs and body and allow it to surround and soak into you…clearing all falsities of being for others and not of yourself. We become chameleons believing that our purpose is doing and being for those we care and love or the community. We rock the pendulum back and forth between these roles and never back to center into stillness when the pendulum stops; it is time to reflect, rejuvenate and reconnect back into your Heart.

As we are grounded and cleared of all debris of false thoughts of being for others; you start to see a large lotus that is golden above your head (your sacred body) and it is the Lotus of Kuan Yin, The Asian Goddess of Compassion similar to Mother Mary. She is mesmerizing in her glowing golden beautiful light. She looks at you with such loving eyes. She understands all that you are and all your suffering and all your flaws yet she does not judge. She is not here to lecture or shame you but to send loving patience into your heart and mind to love yourself once again. As you see this large lotus of gold above your sacred body; you feel the nectar of love from this Lotus of Love drip sweetly and gently down like a warming fountain gently bathing and making its way into your heart.

You feel this gentle golden light drip into your heart where your divine energy is held. It cleanses and drips out all the roles you thought you needed to fulfill to be whole. It clears all false self denial and self criticisms and the games you play with your mind telling yourself you are not good enough unless you serve others. This is a place that is your sacred time to heal. You feel it as you are told by the Goddess as you appear in a forest where cherry blossom trees are abundant. The pink blossoms draw hummingbirds to their flowers. You notice that the cords of unhealthy attachments appear and the hummingbirds gather around your heart as they draw the nectar of the flowers to increase the healing of the Nectar of the Lotus. Your Heart is a withered Garden of Neglect of Sacred Self and slowly their assistance is helping you see the Garden of Self High Potential and Recognition of your Heart. You see the Garden of Self High Potential flourishing into a Lush Garden of Self Love. The cords appear as threads and you see these as the hummingbirds seem to gather and a beautiful small garden appears in your heart of regrowth and reclamation of who you are again. They fly back and forth as they keep increasing the Nectar of the Lotus Goddess for Kuan Yin. They are a sweet reminder that life can be sweet again. As they gather, flying back and forth; the scrolls of unwanted lists for others and how you are attached to gain purpose is appearing. Each person you falsely claimed you needed to do things for and how they needed you instead of allowing them to do for themselves is appearing for each person, each situation you thought your presence was required and action for them to be whole is appearing. The lists appear and you read these feelings that these were all false connections and empowerment of self was actually taking away from their own power of choice and seeing the sweetness of life by discovery of self and their own empowerment was needed. You are not the center of their being. YOU are the center of your own. You realize and find that doing too much for others and forgetting yourself is not the Universal Divine Lesson. The lesson is reconnection of self and knowing who you are and your role is also found in deep reflection and silence. It is essential that we see others as their own light potential and purpose and their journey is their responsibility. The Goddess of Compassion knows that loving too much, doing too much and acting without giving others their own responsibility to self and purpose has drawn us away from our own heart center. Love yourself fully to embrace that false purpose you create to avoid your own self and your own journey is needed to be recognized before we can be whole and present in our heart.

She then asks you to keep breathing in the Nectar of Compassion as the hummingbirds have assisted you and the Goddess on feeling that release. She encourages you to build a sacred fire and you gather wood and leaves and put rocks to encircle the fire of releases of the scrolls you created. Afterall, you can create and you can destroy and release all that does not identify with your Heart Energy. Feeling empowered; you start the fire and slowly toss in these false connections and lists of to do and scrolls for each person you relinquish your responsibility for their own divine path and discovery of their own heart energy of who they are. This is a powerful awareness you have been gifted in this time. You see the ashes of the scrolls evaporate and transform in a loving kindness and unattachment and you see the ashes become golden specks sent into the Universe so that you can walk your path feeling your heart, knowing yourself and being a compassionate being by understanding selflessness to your own self is not selfishness. Instead it is the most powerful acknowledgement of your existence and right standing on your own in your Sweet Existence of Being. Rejoice and give thanks to the Goddess as you find offerings in the forest to give her and make a garland of cherry blossom necklaces, anklets and bracelets and head adornment to the Goddess. As you create these garlands of gratitude and give them to the Goddess; her eyes smile so wisely and lovingly to you. She tells you that you are whole. Do not forget yourself Sweet Child and do visit me again. You leave the Goddess and go back into your Earthly Body safe and sound feeling whole and loved. Congratulations on your work back into your Heart. This has been an honor to share with you Sweet Child of Heart. Namaste. Aho! This exercise is found in the Tarot Deck: Kuan Yin Oracle (Nectar of the Lotus) by Alaina Fairchild


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