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Peace Prayer

Glorious Morning and Prayers for Peace to all Elements, Elementals and all Earthdwellers above and below. Peace to Heaven and Earth and the Masculine and Feminine Divine. Peace to you and all you love and to those passed onto the new dimension preparing and urging you onwards with faith, hope, community and unity. Much prayers in silence and stillness in meditations so all rest in ease, all rest in goodness and light and all rest in resolve in Pure Light. May you always feel never alone with your Spiritual Entourage always like the trees teachers of life being grounded, connected to Mother Earth, looking upwards in strength and ask for support in all your needs as the limbs of the trees are the branches and arms outreaching in all praise for the lessons and the blessings thus far. No matter in sickness, or calamities we are resilient and we are also like the trees; family linked in ways we do not understand at times but we are ONE. Breathe Oneness and Compassion and find resolve after meeting the Peacemaker within.


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