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Hello Healing Lights:

I want to write about pendulums. A pendulum can be a chain or cord that has a bead or rock or crystal threaded or attached to it then hangs downward or like the one pictured below. You hold the end of the chain or cord and the crystal or stone or bead hangs downward. In order to understand pendulums; you must know their basic communication to you. As the movement or way it moves tells you or non movement, is a 'yes' or 'no' to a question or no movement (haha find out for yourself in real time) or spinning means the energy is high.

As an advanced science student in high school; I took a class with a teacher who knew my interests and he had a washer tied to a cord. He was studying the force of energy. He asked us to hold the end of the cord and the washer hang down. He asked, "Students please move the cord." Some just swung their wrists or purposely spiraled them like crazy with the force of their fingers and hands. Our teacher said, "Stop. I want you to hold it still without moving wrists or fingers steady and move it. I then understood what he said because I was a shy and quiet observer. As taught by my parents as they saw and heard my healing abilities develop to be this way in front of the public.

I began to use my mind to shift it a little. Then I began to command the object to move after engaging with it to move left and right front and back and forward only and back to center, etc. I then asked the object to move circular and my teacher was fascinated. He started watching me and I was so into playing with this object he never said it was a pendulum but a washe