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Power to Heal Within and Each Other

Good Day All of You Blessed Light Potentials!

I hope this day onwards you dedicate your mind to wellness, acceptance of your and all your imperfections and embrace them like a mother to a child who needs a hug to know they are loved. Sometimes, we feel so alone because we cannot touch each other as much due to Covid.

When was the last time you sang without judgment or danced without a care? When was the last time you played in the rain? When was the last time you twirled around making yourself so dizzy and you fell on the ground laughing? When was the last time you remembered something so funny and laughed without explaining yourself? When was the last time you were silent and listened without delivering a response? When was the last time you could admit with a light heart that you didn’t know everything or made a mistake and laughed at it? When have you loved yourself so much our refused to feed your soul, your mind or body the garbage that makes you feel stagnant or like sludge? Well, well,’s time to manifest the joy inside of you just purely from knowing how it feels in your mind and heart.

What brings you joy? Do we often talk ourselves out of being in joy, being childlike in wonder to be in awe of things happening in the world. Using your 5 senses or if you are limited; using the senses you have to experience joy. How does one manifest joy? Thoughts, mindful playful thoughts of discovery or re-discovery. Sometimes, people forget how this happens that opens the door to growth. Growth is bound to happen anyway whether self defeating or self transforming. It comes from our focus and our thoughts and word patterns with action we say to ourselves or others.

I wish to ask you to say something positive without lying or exaggerating to yourself and others. Don’t debate whether right or wrong but dialogue interest in someone else’s thoughts expressed without criticism and ask how they came to this decision and vice versa. Then we can appreciate and learn from each other the diversity in thought is a state of mind and the being of compassion with non-attachment gives us the opportunity to love and accept each other. Try not to change the other person’s thoughts but share why you think a certain way. Try to see the world through their lens and tell them I understand what you are saying. The dialogue can develop a trust between each other to be heard and seen and valued. When we do this we are communicating and opening the door to understanding each other. When others share their thoughts; it is interesting and we can either learn or unlearn things within ourselves or each other by seeing is this limitation or growth? Everything is the beauty of free will and choice.

Can you decide how open you are to different thoughts and ways of life of people of different cultures, religious or spiritual or social dynamics? Can we get along? First we must love ourselves and wish to understand. We don’t have to agree but we can understand by saying I understand what you are saying and why. We are not here to condemn free thought and speech but we are here to help each other be there for one another when we need it. We can then trust in the development of relationships in whatever mode becomes trusting, open and diverse.

Read books on different thoughts or ways of life of others. You don’t have to travel but you can educate yourself on reading. Although travel is a great way to see up front and experience. We must do what we can manage. We have a field of many accesses of information. Discernment and truth in our journey of wisdom seeking is important for ourselves and each other.

There is no need to force, punish or judge others we do not understand. When we cannot fathom or understand; we discover we have not focused or explored such ways of thinking, living and existing. It is an entryway to learn more so we are more aware of engaging with each other. Try this and if you sense darkness; then you don’t have to understand; your gut will tell you a big NO and then leave.

Explore and invite the power to heal within by learning more about our inner selves by reflection, peaceful dialogue and gaining wisdom from each other and broaden your outlook on life. Nothing is a secret. When secrets are there; there is something to hide and why do we hide it? Ask oneself is it because we are told only a select few can gain this? Oh boy...nonsense. When you tune into yourself with this openness to only pure light lessons and dialogues and experiences; there’s no stopping you. There are steps to growth yes but a secret is something to hide for reasons. I would like to call them mystery and understanding some information is meant when others can understand without judgment and only valuable if not divisional, not judgmental and not egocentric or harmful. Just be honest with yourself and when you don’t understand then admit that it is way to advanced or deep for me right now. I need to learn a little more about this in time perhaps I will.

You have this power to decide with a clear mind, clear heart and clear actions from the power of your own Sacred Divinity. Take care of yourself and others by compassion with non attachment. The ability to be compassionate and kind without expectations or return. This is a true gift of your higher self coming into your own power. Feel it and breathe in the purple light of higher self connection with God/Goddess.after breathing in and out the pure white light (Holy Spirit or Noor) around your body and inside your head and flourish this energy by breathing it in your heart. When you sit with the purple spiritual light of the crown chakra or top of your are aligning with the Universe and God in pure light. If we thought and trust God/Goddess teaches us and yes updates the way we live as we are ever evolving souls and what was sacred was actually sufficient for the time or if dictated to stay in the stagnant light not understanding God/Goddess are trying to evolve us by letting go of limitations that no longer services us. That war for religious purposes is no longer of a spiritual alignment with the compassion and growth of all human beings. When we are educated beyond just religious teachings and into the societal and technological evolvement with the environment around us then we are open to be upgraded into the present ...the now of living and evolving without dictations, condemnations, torture, or killing each other. These are no longer the service of God/Goddess; this is animalistic and primal and unevolved energy. We are of a higher self remedy and the antidote is education of all different types as the world is developing and changing. If we don’t change; we will never grow up ready to be the Children of God/Light. We become the mercenaries of ancient doctrines of limitation and some of these lead to violence.

We must return to compassion and understand the ways of the old never service the ways of the now with careful planning and organization and dialogue we will flourish. Some of the old blended with the new is best to discover and work at developing. A country with force, fear and limitations; you will find your country will lack the citizens that want to spend the time there. We cannot abandon our brothers or sisters once we have shared evolution. We must help and uplift each other in growth and understanding. Peace and Assalamualaikum.

Namaste. Much love.


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