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Protection always Presents Itself

Brothers and Sisters of Light visited during a training session with one a few days ago.

The White Light Brotherhood came in the center of the room together Sisters of Shields and Swords of Pure Light. It was a true blessing as the Sisters shield the top of the room & Sisters of the Swords at each corner. Thank you so much for your protection and coming.

This is a special person they wish to teach they can be protected. The last time the White Knights came; I was clearing a man of dark entities that winded a thick chain around his body. He was not aware of but his wife knew and sat to hold space. I knew she loved and wanted to protect him. I told her to please hold space and observe only. No two chefs/chiefs...remember can spoil the broth/brotherhood. She did.

I cut the chains by crystal stone knife and broke them when the White Knights gathered in the room. I then took hold of these chains and pulled these as his body lift up and down as if the chains were really on him. His wife witnessed this. I then blew lights and cleared his chakras and mind and body of negativity. Then gave him more light. When I was done Spirit and the White Knights left the room. I saw them leaving and psychically told me you are done and we are done.

It was a true blessing. I was glad to see him clear and his wife was smiling as she saw my power animal and the Knights come and leave. She was very happy and he was so peacefilled.

You are responsible for your clearing, peace and happiness. You decide with your mind and will. It is Divine Cosmic Law. You are choosing light or darkness. Well, just reminded me of that incident. It is a blessing to serve the Pure Light Creator-Father-Mother God.

Be hopeful, be light filled and do not judge yourself harshly. Nothing is permanent. Much love and light to you all.


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