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Psychometry and Mediumship Experiences - There are No Coincidences.

Psychometry and Mediumship Combined Experiences

These are some experiences with souls that passed and need assistance and to be heard and healed during our journey and attach to objects, places or personal effects. We were determined to get our daughter to take guitar lessons and there was a man teaching lessons from home. He advertised in the local homegrown papers with a business name. I didn't know he worked from home until he gave me the address and I arrived with my daughter.

He was married to a beautiful woman with an autoimmune disease and she was a therapist. I never saw or met her. I had to use the restroom at some point and the hallway was covered with old pictures and felt like ancestors. One was a guy with an Australian Outback /Ranger Cowboy hat in black and white. It was the father of the wife.

As I came back from the restroom; I felt a room filled with Spirits. This was a room filled with clocks as I peeked in from different time periods. One called out to me but I told the voice: “I haven’t gotten permission to wander into this room and I will ask the guitar lesson teacher/owner.” As I walked back and listened to him teaching my daughter almost a teenager; I then told him that I was a medium and did some healing gifts with Shamanism since I was partly Native American and my Mother’s ancestors were healers too. I said, “I don’t know if you believe in this kind of stuff. I also do psychometry and he asked what that was? I explained to him the ability to see and hear history in objects, especially antiques of souls that passed and some may need help into the Light." He was fascinated and I didn’t want to take up the lesson I was paying for my daughter but asked if I could look at the clocks he collected in this room and the picture of the father spoke to me. I didn’t tell him I helped the father of his wife move into the Light yet.

I entered the room of antique clocks. I saw immediately a black woman in her 30s and her hair in beehive design and a strappy chiffon gown. She died from a disease of the lungs which she said was tuberculosis as I could feel it in myself (this is where you just say to understand and pull away so you are not harmed...I will speak of this later) in which she couldn’t breath and needed some help to go into the Light. I helped her see that being stuck or attached to this clock didn’t help her as her physical body was gone and she needed to be healed in the Light. She left and thanked me.

Another clock was like in the 1930s or 40s in which its wooden frame was not square but a design which was a mountain type slope and it was Mary and Tom Dodd and they were a young couple in their 30s. Although they didn’t die in their 30s; it was the form they choose. She was a slender brunette and her husband as well. What a beautiful couple but attached themselves to the one object that they thought kept them together...their clock!? I let them know that there is so much love and light in Heaven. She spoke to me more than her husband in the mind. She had shoulder length hair and was very poised. She smoked cigarettes and it was the social thing. I noticed the clock was not on time like the others. I thought it needed repair but it was running erratically. She explained that a new clock was beside them disturbed them. The new clock was a medium-sized cuckoo clock. It was a racist white old man who was tall and balding and wore glasses and khaki type pants and a long sleeved shirt. He had a southern accent and he called me the N-word. I told him that that was not the way to speak to me. He said, “If you don’t leave; I am going to hurt you.” I said, “What do you fear?” He repeated his threats and I mentally told him peace to you and was going to move on. He said as I was leaving: “I am going to take advantage of that pretty lady in the house.” I then went out to talk to the guitar teacher when he was ready and they took a break and told him. He said, “Yes, ever since I got that cuckoo clock which is new to my collection the other wooden sloped one runs erratically. I checked the battery and other things but can’t figure it out. I told him the stories the clocks told me so far. He was fascinated. I told him about the nasty racist cuckoo clock. I asked his permission to do some healing on that clock and gave him protection methods for his wife. He allowed me and continued with the lesson.

I went back into the clock room and walked to the cuckoo clock. I was angry because of the threat of that clock. I then got the story and told the cuckoo clock that now I will deal with you. He was surprised and called me the N-word again. I told him: “Stop calling me that and I know you fear something by not passing onto heaven and the light.” He then stammered and I saw he owned a large piece of property with black people who worked for him. He was cruel and mean to these people that passed on. I told him that “This is what you fear?” You don’t want to go because you think they will get you?” He was surprised and replied: “Yes, that they will take revenge on me for the way I treated them.” I told him: “We play certain roles in life to evolve but our souls never cease but in Heaven there’s no place for hate only love, healing and happy resolutions and healing.” At this time, I told him that your angels can guide you to that place where no fear is. The souls that have passed have realized this and laugh at the life that was so short on this earth and knew they had a role no matter how unpleasant and have healed way past holding grudges with a love that is eternal and are at peace. I said, “Do you need help with your angels to assist you to a place of healing, love and forgiveness?” He said, “Okay!” There were two angels that appeared and escorted him for healing in Heaven. He was scared and assured him; it will be okay as you need to heal.

Then I walked around in a dark corner where there was a bar and there was this ancient clock from the 16th century. It was ornate and the man attached to it wore the pilgrim type hat of the times and black clothing with white collar. He said, “Finally, you are here. I have been waiting and he introduced himself as Thomas Goodman." I told him my first name. He told me that he didn’t like this dark corner and being on a bar. I assured him that I would let the owner know this complaint to move the clock into the light area not a bar. I also let him know like the other souls that he needed to go to the Light where there’s healing and happy reunions and that time has passed as you can see and your time is with God. He then thanked me and joined our Creator in Heaven.

I went back to the guitar owner as lesson was finished and told him the story of the cuckoo clock. He appreciated that information and would care for the 16th century clock too. Then a week passed and the racist man who was attached to the cuckoo clock’s energy was a little softer. He didn’t address me racistly and he told me: “See I am doing better.” I felt him and he was and he needed to heal a little more. I told him: “You do not need to check in with me to let me know your progress.” He said, “I needed to and apologized for calling me names and the threats.” I told him: “It was a service of love and light and thank you.” He said, “I would like to see you one more time if that’s okay?” I said, “This room and location?” He said, “Yes.” He then disappeared.

Next guitar lesson with my daughter and the teacher; I went into the clock room again with permission. I then was received by the cuckoo clock spirit who returned and was so much softer and peaceful. I told him: “You feel so much at peace and with love.” He said, “Yesl” Again I told him that you do not need to check in with me anymore and you are doing great. He trusted me and then the spirit of the father of the guitar teacher’s wife appeared. It was time for him to go he said and he walked beside the cuckoo clock man who was so ashamed to tell me his name because of calling me racist names and their spirits called to me and showed me an orchard. The Father watches over his daughter because of her disease. He needed to feel the Light. I asked why would it service her if he passed on and didn’t go to the Light and stay to cure his daughter?” He said, “You know that makes sense.” I knew he was a no nonsense type of guy. He then walked with the cuckoo clock owner towards a long road lined with trees on each side and disappeared into the Light.

They didn’t visit me anymore when I took my daughter for guitar lessons and the house felt more at ease and the wife slept very peacefully and the guitar teacher thanked me. He was the 3rd guitar teacher by the way. I came upon him because the previous one was judgmental and learned about my healing with conversations with the music lesson place she went to. There was an obese man who taught my daughter and she learned B.B. Kings music which she loved to play. He would talk about healthy ways to meditate with me advising him and to be motivated to lose weight and get on the treadmill. He was losing slowly but I knew his life was stressful and he revealed his wife was in a car accident and had a young baby girl 3 to 5 years old he cherished. I was in the midst about telling him about supplements and food when Spirit told me he would pass (only in his 30s). I stopped a few seconds looking at him and changed my emotions immediately back to calm. I was told to not tell him so he would enjoy his life in the last few days. Unfortunately, he left town for a funeral of a friend who died by freak accident of a pastor running over his friend. He had someone else fill in for him and he must’ve told this instructor about me or the owner as the owner told me that I was psychic and tried not to talk openly to him about subjects when clients were in their instructions rooms. The man accused me of being a fake and said his wife is psychic and that made me angry. I told him “You need to read up on different psychic types of abilities and different ways a person experiences it.” Your wife may be but you telling me she sees this way and that’s the only way doesn’t make sense.” I referred him to books and left it at that as he insisted. I couldn’t wait for the old instructor to return but I knew I would never see him again. After the funeral, he drove all night, exhausted and in grief and slept. He didn’t report in or call which was unusual. I waited for the business owner to tell me he passed. I said, “Yes, so sorry for his loss.” I found out he died in his sleep and his wife was out and his young daughter dialed 9-1-1 and said “Daddy is asleep and won’t make me pancakes.” He had passed.<