Releases of Emotional Energies

Dear Beloveds;

We all have encountered some past situations with people where the emotions of pain as a collective are made to release and remember the way of coping are to move past them with healing.

Becoming aware of these memories; long forgotten or shoved away is easier to deal with. Sometimes, it is divine timing that these unfortunate situations have occurred as a memory arsenal against building on the trauma or pain when we are ready to move past into transformational healing and happiness in peace.

I have encountered in my past lives; challenges to my truth, my beliefs and my service to the community. There have been times were my power was tested to be 'taken' away either by isolation, imprisonment, torture or rejection. We are all too familiar of this kind of situation that can repeat itself into the forward present life we are living now. Our past lives purpose is to remember our soul path, our roles and how we have been moving along all this time.

Sometimes, my lessons of past life lessons takes alot of loading up of the same feelings of situations presented for me to understand that I was not powerless but powerful for those who felt I was too much for them and or needed their attention to feel valued. Some folks were sheep following a misguided wolf and our life paid for it. At times; it was a mounting of a number of people trying to ridicule or push me out or down from my own throne.

We are the Kings and Queens of our destiny. We cannot allow others to take our own claim of power of self away. Other's may make comments in this life time if you are standing in your power by words of: "You think you are better." "You have alot of ego." "You are not like us." "You are weird." "You are crazy." "Stop talking; you aren't making sense." "You are a liar." These phrases are said at times to us to make sure we are committed to our power and our best self forward. It is not egoic to stand in your own power. It is honoring the path and role you are in life and faith in fulfilling into for the power of good and for service in Light.

When you stand in your power; you know when things are said or gossiped about you are not true and your inner voice says: "Ah, you know that's now true. They don't know where you are coming from." Don't worry. If you are confronted this way; don't be upset anymore; allow them to create their invisible cocoon of false protection from a false illusional threat made form ignorance or jealousy of lack of self love and light wisdom.

There is only so much you can do or say and there will be those who test your commitment to Service Of God/ Allah, Yahweh, Spirit, Creator, Goddess, etc. You stay focused on those willing to be helped or guided or allowing you to service them. There will be those who falsely believe that your power, your energy, your soul, mind and body can be retrieved as theirs. This is pure ignorance because they do not honor the God given gift that they have their body, mind, soul and energy and life path of discovery to fulfill.

All I can say is stop being nosey and look for flaws of others to put them down and make you feel good. That doesn't lead to empowerment and understanding this globe is for all to dwell in their own path of discovery, role and fulfillment. There is not role greater or smaller here. Once you understand that; you will understand who you are by focusing on developing that and appreciate yourself on your growth, development and path towards the Light.

If you ever question your existence on earth; look at everyone around you. A reflection of you and you of them. You are a gift unto each other and link in harmony, unity, understanding and love that we all have our purpose and path to discover and fulfill. Don't devalue yourself by forgetting you and your work towards the Divinity you are. It is a lifelong work in progress so don't think you are perfect and reach levels in your mind by competition and comparisons. This will not get you to do the work needed to develop, learn and expand that Beautiful Soul you are.

There will be those who do not understand unconditional love and will attach its meaning to what their lack of receiving or getting and this signals more work to focus inward instead of looking outward for your unconditional love leads to many unlimited pure light possibilities if you so choose Beloved.

Learn, listen, share and love yourself and cause no harm. Be the Light Carrier you entered this planet when you were born. Your fleshly temple taken care of, your mind as well and live a life path from your soul. Laugh and be blessed in blissful journeys back to the Pure State of Light Being that you are. I share this with you and encourage you so much to continue onwards into the Light. You are the master of your destiny. Much much eternal gratitude for your presence here. Happy trails Brothers and Sisters of the Earth and Heavens Citizen to share your Light.

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