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Remembering my Sister - A Story of Loss & Gift of Mediumship

Siblings day...Wow, I have 2 brothers and they live their lives. Both married and children. What an accomplishment as myself. These days the emphasis is not on quality relationships but having fun because it's too stressful or too much work to do it. It's a world where things come and go at high speed.

I do have one sibling and my AZ friends know she is well in heaven. Her name was Angela Caroline. She would've been the youngest misdiagnosed to fly on a flight back from Bermuda to USA for my Dad's military move and service. She gasped and died and Mom carried her body but the dead have times when they gasp and there was hope again than her soul left her body in front of me. My mother cried holding her and my Dad was going to find a doctor or nurse but at the time no one knew CPR and my brothers were asleep on the plane. It was my introduction to Mediumship.

They had to land the plane and my father lost it almost got the doctor by MP stopped him from taking him out. My Mother and brothers and I flew back separately once we hit the states. I cannot remember weeks after that. I was 4. I then was told an officer assigned to my Dad on his journey to be calm as the military base hospital tried to stop him from having an investigation and not allow him to bury my sister in USA. He contacted a senator impressed with his military skills as a Boy Scout and told him if he needed anything to just ask.

Well, he called him and reminded him about his words. He stuck to it. He had us on a flight back in no time and the baby with him. When we landed, Dad was escorted and to land in the South where he would take a train and my Mother and brothers and I flew back as mentioned. They tried to give him a car to do what he wanted since there was a few hours to wait for the train. He told the Officer that he cannot leave my Sister behind but then he was hungry and the escort was black and they refused to serve the black man. My father told them that he was too good for them and he and the man ate somewhere else using the car privilege offered. He made it to WA where my sister is buried. He never forgot that experience and told me the story. I repeated what I witnessed and by the way the military hospital was investigated and shutdown from a few cover up deaths and the doctor was having an affair with the nurse and didn't monitor my sister's lung health properly. My Dad will never forget the doctor's chuckling to give a call that "It's one of those things." Lucky he is alive today maybe due the MPs pulling him off him.

My Dad had not realized that I captured that moment too at 4 years old. So here's to Angela and any Angela I meet. Much love to you in Heaven and on Earth. She visited me as a little girl and I would be assumed being playing with my imaginary friend. She was a beautiful soul and she is eternal. So yes, I give thanks for my living siblings whether we are distant or close. When we come together we forget the past and think about celebrating family and doing family things together. Thank God for this blessing. Some family's don't have this not that I am better because Spirit redirects us in our path to those who can and those who can't have a redirection as well. My Mother (RIP) cannot hear her name nor my Dad til this day. I pray for their healing. Much love.


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