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Reset - Wake Up Calls in Synchronicity 4/20/24

The Earth is so beautiful. We see and hear the birds as they call out to each other, the woodpecker drums it's own beat on the trees in order to feast and feed. The rain and sky gods have blessed us with baptismal restarts.

I remember a person in need of our help last month; kept saying "You need to reset." We all do. We do need a reset. How do we forget experiences that made us transform? How do we forget patterns we inherited from habitual modeling recycled stories of our ancestors? Can we ponder if these were cycles to stop or reset?

This gentle soul was unable to take me somewhere but was. This gentle heart and soul showed me how impactful ancestral cycles and programming need a reset. I was told by this powerful being who at the time had no knowledge they were reawakening me.

Then turned a few times to me to saying "You need a reset" Reset. Reset. Then praised me for overcoming and breaking the unhealthy cycles but my story of overcoming was not easy to swallow. It was a bitter taste you get; life doesn't always have sweet encounters; but reawakening of overcoming. I had broken the cycles. This wisdom keeper told me I stopped time (by stopping the cycle). Revelation that I will never forget. I am grateful and impacted by this and I can see my journey thus far that now I can reset, I can forget because it's not needed anymore and I can really live in the in the NOW. I will never forget 4/20/24.

Someone's wake up call is also yours and can be yours. How grateful I am as this gentle wisdom keeper had no idea they were reawakening me. I am loved, I am valued and seen and heard but most of all I am HERE. Thank you teacher of light and love. Thank you.


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