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Sacred Geometry Healing with Priest Melchizedek 9/11/21

During my many meditations. I have been given the sacred geometry cube to imagine as a spinning one around my body. Archangel Metatron is most helpful. The cube removes when spinning to the right the negative energies. In days past meditations. I had cube miniaturized and placed in my palms, 3rd eye and chakras and feet and back of my head, ears and eyes and mouth as well as feet. Then I was placed inside the cube and they automatically spun.

I then felt the spinning of the energy when I started driving and I was to teach Reiki positions to some clients. I had the Priest Melchizedek who wears a robe and it encased the Violet Flame of Father-Mother God energy and healing and he placed on my body. I felt the compassionate Kuan Yin Goddess flame as my head and as I drove the Flower of Life symbol on my spleen, gallbladders and other points on my body and they were indigo and then blue Flower of Life’s on different parts that crowned my head and the energy weaved like the dna movement in the Flower of Life points, It went to areas of my lymphatic areas because I was asked by my Healers and Spirit to be still and allow the healing. I felt so happy and blissful. I felt Ascended Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Isis pouring her healing into me as well. Some power animals like my Ground Hog came and others but my Dragon and a few wanted to meditate in front of my Mesa to gather their energy and Dragon would come if I called or needed but it was a needed rest for some of my power animals today like I rested yesterday. We are one and have to reconnect by disconnecting to be in stillness.

I was happy all the 45 minutes drive to see my daughter and assistant to give them healing techniques and instruction. It was a lovely experience because they were open and intuitive to understanding and feeling it on themselves and on each other.


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