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Sekhmet's Lessons of Inner Reflection 1/22/23

Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of Anger, can teach you to look lovingly inward and see why you have this as your go to response. Does it make sense in the present with the present information? Does it reflect a need to feel recognized or are you too blocked to see you have been appreciated but you don't appreciate yourself? Love yourself?

Don't let anyone be your master. You are the master of your choices and destiny. You are responsible to state your boundaries and state what you feel. When someone tells you their voice is your responsibility or mental peace of mind is yours; turn it back to them. Tell them you are capable, strong and born with much power in the now to express and enjoy having joy in your life.

If you are too sensitive to everything and interpret it as a hurt or insult; you have gone so far to isolate yourself and not see you are enough and can do things with a peaceful heart, and a compassionate resolve to any situation. If your first ‘go to’ is the wounded child; then please think how you found to trap yourself and tell others to speak for me, do for me and take care of myself. You are living in an illusional dream of captivity in the darkness.

Be a warrior for yourself, stand up for yourself, be yourself and love yourself fully. If you turn to jealousy and choose assumptions that aren't true; you are living in a self limiting tomb....Break free as it is all good and resurrect yourself into the now. You are capable, powerful and you have the choice to continue living a lie and in anger or say this is enough and I choose me for once and live my life fully caring and demanding others take on themselves and seek the help they need.

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