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Self-Alchemy: Let's do This! by Blue Thunder


Dear Ones;

I am so grateful to awaken today. Father Sun shines strongly upon my face as I write this. It sustains me. A miracle of a huge Star’s presence in our lives and the embodiment of the Masculine Divine. It feels good today and showered with warmth makes me emotional about the journey in my life thus far. As I see my reflection in my laptop while typing this I see the lines and imperfections on my face and cherish these as I have the determined forehead and chin wrinkles that tell me how my own Grandmother and Mother have the same determination in these features. Honor to inherit such lines to follow the footsteps of my destiny with the Divine by being in my Divinity.

I am a human being who is flawed and has made mistakes. I have tried to amend for years but sometimes; you cannot go back and undo things but live with grace that you tried and move on. You can’t hold the past hostage so you can imprison your mind, your potential and your soul path.

I hear Grandmother Moon advise me at night on my life journey, she tells me she knows my challenges and my triumphs. My weaknesses and my strengths and my struggles to be present in the light at times. Sometimes, I can get swept up into the work and journey of another and it can be tricky at times if you’ve lived past lives together. How to hold onto the knowledge of the past to understand and heal or ask you need to do this anymore and move on? Sometimes, we evolve in joy and in pain. Both valuable in my life to help mold my future decisions and actions. At times, we celebrate each other thus far. Sometimes, we judge the potential of our own awakening by the time and speed. In the Cosmos and Universe; there is no time. It is suspended in moments of the now.

You have a choice to keep playing the role you are dissatisfied with or change it by changing you. Are you answering the call to your Divinity in being your Truth? Do you love yourself enough to be raw and real to address the issues you need to get over by effort and dedication to rewire your mind and energy into metamorphosis? Yes I tell myself. I am good enough. I have been many cultures, faiths, genders, and roles in my past lives. It is the transformation of our soul.

I was telling a dear friend after I was written up in an article; that it was not of ego it came from but the recognition that to me: “I am Seen, I am Heard and I am not Forgotten.” I teared up as my words of comfort for others were for me! What goes around thank Goddess/God comes around in good ways.

We are the self alchemists of our lives. We gift ourselves the moments of lessons to evolve forward and not fall backward. If we do fall backward; we know from the use of a pendulum; it always goes both ways. I have been stereotyped, I have been misunderstood as my friendliness is an invitation to other means of dark pleasure or forbidden ecstasy but I know that I must see myself, hear myself and not forget who I am. Just as I see myself in others and others see themselves in me; it is the call for perfect dialogue of understanding and walking away in peace even if we don’t agree. We don’t have to be enemies but the relationship is alchemized by adjusting our energy, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. There is temptation there to test our commitment. We may be silly to get off track; but loving ourselves fully makes all the difference in that turning point to participate in light or dark. At times I must forget myself at this point to understand the Divine plan the long term end result. Even if I don’t know the long term end result; I must have faith and alter and catch myself falling and get grounded.

In my lifetime; I have had challenges to my reputation but I have learned that my open heart cannot be open to all who interpret it as an easy street or temporary fix. I see myself in them and I recognize how can I participate or change the energy? Sometimes, it’s a walk away or a melding of evolvement in patience especially if one has a good heart but is misinformed about how to exist on this planet earth with others.

I have met many up and coming folks in my life; too unhappy to give up their things, their affiliations or relationships or role they committed to for years that don’t answer the heart’s call to Light and Real Purpose and Being. I see how they believe that at a certain point there is no return. That is an illusion because we are an ever living soul and the life we are living now is the illusion. It can be changed but sometimes, we get others to tell us even those we love to stay the same because we are comfortable with your discomfort in stay stagnant! Do you really need to do this? Will your last breath be that you never lived fully or tried this or that? Do you tell yourself if and only certain circumstances can happen then I will feel free? Laugh at the illusion you created to stop your experiences of new things, place, people in the Light. If you are hiding another life within this dissatisfied life you live; you will be bitter, lost and assure yourself that the material things are the measure of your reality and worth. This is all false. If you are unfulfilled after achieving these merits of society’s false measure of your worth; you can start now living a life on purpose for you.

People make contracts in life so impossible to change who they are. These contracts are never made by God. It is made by mutual people who thought that guidance was a great thing but didn’t plan on people not evolving or changing their contracts and ways of being and working and living with the times. It is when we hold onto time; we suffer and judge and hurt ourselves and each other. It is the time of self alchemy and time to evolve now. A world is waiting for the real you to show up NOW. Not your past, not your old you but the new you who can announce that you can be updated into the world presently in peace and ONEness.

When we get comfortable yet swing into depression, disappointment, anger, jealousy and sadness; we are not answering the call to ourselves. So let me assure you the best way to be FREE and PRESENT is to really say to self and feel it by your efforts and dedication: “I see you, I hear you and I am not forgotten.” When you say this to yourself; you emphasis a high vibration of love. Self love is the most important aspect toward the path of forward and positive self alchemy. You will have many periods where your self alchemy is stressful, painful, dark and it will be so worth it with the knowledge that everything is temporary and even you. Let’s get going and not ever forget ourselves again. I say this with much faith, hope and love for you and all. Thank you for reading this.

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