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Seven Shadow-work Issues to Aspire Self-check Healing

Lust is pretty natural emotion and feeling...however, if you are bored or cannot reach peace within you or lack the knowledge of what partner you wish to have a quality relationship; then lust can get out of balance if you just have sex without the thought of the purpose and if the person you are having a relationship has a diff. thought how the relationship should go. Okay to have open relationships; if everyone is on the same page & is exciting while it lasts. Lust is also out of balance when you treat your body like a machine, tallying and keeping count how many times or how many ppl or person/s at the time just to have a scorecard. Unless everyone likes the arrangement without intimacy. As you get older/mature; you may feel a lack and this pattern becoming bored and unsatisfying; then you reached a point to change up how you want a relationship to transform into one with intimacy. If you lust others not interested in you and become inappropriate with aggressive advances; when you are given a "no;" then your lust is out of line or you make indescent displays or proposals in the wrong setting..doesn't help you achieve a healthy exchange between 2 ppl who desire to be on the same page.

Gossip is damaging to oneself and others you speak not repeat gossip by verbalizing or communicating only hunches, hints, and not the word for word reality of yourself or others if it is used with the intent to harm. Think before you communicate any information whether this is harm or not even if you don't like the person/s; this is also sometimes done with good intentions when you have promised the individual/s you will not repeat what is shared with you in confidence because no one trusts a gossiper. It is exciting but ask yourself; will it be hurtful and bite you later.

This is also included with lying. Lying is a constant habit that if repeated yourself start to believe the lies and become what you did not intend to be. Your mask becomes adhered to your face...the best way to be is to be authentic and true to yourself and you will draw ppl who are of the same thinking...false expectations or impressions you leave will eventually trip you up once you are caught and the choice is yours...continue a cycle of lies and feel good for a short time and then feel bad and depressed later because you were not true to yourself..Be free and be the truth.

Gluttony is the unending false need for food beyond what the body is more triggered by a void inside yourself or a lack of being loved from the past that you have believed that a mass amount of food is a mass amount of comfort. Know that you must love yourself enuf to acknowledge and that the body is meant to expand and contract thru caring for it enuf to have the activity, healthier choices and will inspire you to evolve in body once you get your mind on track and emotions thru coach, spiritual advisor, hypnotherapy (deep rooted subconscious stuff) or simply hanging out with ppl who have goals to get out of the rut and addiction and abuse of purpose of food for the body. Love you endlessly.

Vanity is the ego and the forgetfulness of knowing that our beauty is our connections and our imperfections are a perfection in God's eyes. The ego becomes myopic views of a world centered around you...look around...the world is filled with more than your small universe that can be limiting your growth for opps to learn and see things you dared not focused on. Keep yr ego in talks to you but you can control the actions/words, etc. that follow. Peace.

Greed is forgetting that there is enough for everyone and all are deserving and brothers and sisters of God. Greed never ends because of the lack of recognizing that abundance is not greed. Greed is a misconception that there is not ever enough, the belief in lack and the false motivation of an unending need for more even if there is enough...out of fear perhaps that the past experiences of lack become your now...Believe that all can be provided for and all share in the abundance...when we feel the basic needs fulfilled; we will all be at peace to manifest our truth in expansion of Spirit together. Much Love.

Anger is the opposite feeling of being unloved, unrecognized and unheard...compassionate knowing that your Spirit Helpers, God and your Angels are every ready to help you remove the veil of darkness placed in front of you by false interpretations that you tell are loved, breath and feel the love and you become Love and loved.

Jealousy is forgetting to appreciate oneself in your own uniqueness and embracing every lesson we have or are going thru as a message that we are ever expanding b/c God doesn't waste time on garbage...he is not finished helping you reach yr own divine perfection with acceptance. Written and shared enough...just my thoughts...nothing to upset, cause you to be uncomfortable but just sharing my love and words. You can trash it or you can ignore them; or you can appreciate it...It's all your choice...My intention is no harm to you or to offend. Have a Good Night Brothers and Sisters.


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