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Shapeshifting with Elements - Goddess Vila Lessons

8/29/18 Blue Thunder's Meditation in Shape shifting.

Do you feel stagnant in one form? Do you feel limited in your body? We are more than our body. We are Divinity and divinity is in all we see, taste, touch and hear and feel.

The Goddess Vila - a Eastern European Goddess that overseas the earth and all nature that dwells. She is a guardian of the herds and if an animal is harmed; she or the plural Vily come with arrows and she becomes the huntress to those who hunt. She has the ability to change shape into swans, owl, etc. and with the Elements.

This meditation, we grounded and rooted ourselves into the earth breathing in Peace in our nose, through the top of our head into our body and the released through our mouth. Doing this several times we relaxed.

Then we breathed in love with is unlimited and creates positive possibilities in our shapeshifting. We traveled to a space and time in a forest where we felt, saw, heard and smelled nature. The teacher of all. We saw it was a sunny day and looked down at our feet bare and touching the soft earth with sweet smell of the grass, plants, trees and flora.

We saw in the sky in the distance smoke coming from a fire. We walked towards the fire where the smoke led us. We smelled the smoke and saw the campfire. Around the campfire, seated were our primordial tribe.This is the tribe at our first formation from theory into flesh that supports and loves us unconditionally with all our imperfections and the elder got up to greet you and asked you to sit in the circle with the tribe. This tribe has no division and is of Oneness. As you sit; the tribe looks at you with so much love and acceptance in their eyes. You are asked by the elder to pick a flame in the campfire and focus on it. It is time for you to merge with fire as a healer, purifier, gives you clarity and cannot harm you in your sacred body and then you notice the color, how it moves and you step into the flame merging and feel the hotness, you notice if it moves erratically, steadily, the width and height of the flame. You are fire and is you.

The next step is observing the smoke above you and you float from fire into the become light and expanded, what type of air are you? Cold, Hot, strong, you dance with the leaves and trees? Merge with air and feel weightless...limitless.

As you then see yourself float and see water and you are draw to this formation of water. Is it a waterfall, pond, ocean, river, is it gentle or still or rapid and moving? Is it salty, clear, wide or deep? You became a drop of water in what you choose to merge with water and is it cold or hot or warm or boglike? What do you see in the water below any life forms? How does the world look on the outside while you are do you experience sound, sight...Be water which is flow like the is a cleanser and it heals when we have tears of release that flow and heal us. We are made of we experienced the water we see that earth and water meet and there is no end or beginning and you see earth.

You come from earth and will return to earth so you are familiar with earth. You merge with earth as you see if you are a beach, dry desert sand, mountain earth dark and rich and moist or muddy and sticky or are you earth that is hard and cold in the winter and you the earth by a riverbed that sparkles with minerals when the sun shines. What is the smell and texture like? How does it feel as you become the earth. Sit with the earth and feel her and you as one.

It is time for your sacred body to return back to your earth body that has been grounded and protected...shapeshifting requires no openness and loving heart to understand the light wisdom Vila teaches you of expansion, as we are unlimited creatives beings of light in flesh. Be grounded and welcome back to your body. Namaste, peace to you and thank you. Working with the animals if interested in shapeshifting takes dedication and discovery as another blog!


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