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Signals from Above - My Personal Experience

In my other blog, I mentioned how signs from passed relatives can be done or signals from your angels can come in phrases of a song or a passing line in a conversation of a stranger walking by or a radio announcement or conversation portion that applied to a dilemma you were thinking about to give you an idea of the energy. Sometimes, butterflies and birds can signal their presence as well. Sometimes a fragrance or food or work area makes us think of our loved ones and they are reaching out to us. Other times, the departed moves items that disappear and then appear later or moves the position of the item to let you know they are thinking of you. But this blog is different.

This one covers a few incidences that occurred where physical help from Heavenly guidance was directed to me. I was not much of a gardener in this lifetime as it is a hit and miss thing here and I was woken up to do something before 2 p.m. at Walmart of all places in the garden shop. Of course, my mind said, "Why?" Due to past life as a Irish Witch burned at the stake the grew herbal ointments and my past life as a Jewish caravan wife stoned to death didn't encourage the abilities...LOL. However, the guidance from Angels of this person and God and mine were a call for help. I was doing a few personal and domestic errands and kept being reminded 'Remember, before 2 p.m. today at Walmart.' I assured the Pure Lights that I would be there even before watching the time on my stove or car because my watches stop working when I am gifted these the same day (that's another blog).

As I completed the last task for the morning; I saw that it was 1 p.m. and made my way to the local Walmart nearby and parked and walked in. There was a couple of cashiers there and a woman gasping for air. A man walked away. I asked them "What's the matter?" They said that the woman couldn't breath and they were arguing who was to do something while she gasped. I then asked for Divine help and knew this was why I was summoned. I then heard them say maybe we should call the ambulance and not even touch her. I then asked her if I could touch her after introducing myself. I asked if she was asthmatic. She nodded. I then said, "Where's your inhaler?" She said, "I left it at home." Then an angel hopped into a man passing and he said, "Look into your purse." She looked in and took the inhaler but she was too emotional as I sensed she was triggered this episode by grief. I saw a tall spirit of a man with hat and he identified himself as her father. He was the one passed. I then knew to ask her if she knew of reflexology and pressure points that I could press to relieve her. She nodded. I then had a white light of the Holy Spirit infused in me and I felt this light come in through the top of my head into my hands and into the lung area points I was trained in and it dispersed into her lungs. Her eyes widened and I felt the light pass from me to her and she calmed down. I just said, "Breath very slowly and keep relaxing." She was fine.

I told her the universal lessons are surfacing as grief (Tsunamis had occurred and Ascended Master Hilarion was planting green sparkling gems to heal the earth and wandering souls in those areas in Asia this time period.) She said, "My father passed and just buried him. I said, "I have a few messages from our Dad. He said, "Please do your passion and write." I said, "You have alot of energy in your hands and you love to write; so go ahead." I also said, "You have judged yourself as a role of a nurturer as a woman and now that is no longer. She agreed that her nephew was leaving the state and she was his caregiver and felt hopeless and didn't know what to do." I said, "A Woman is so diverse and is not only a nurturer but a person of passion and this is the time to do what you love." We have many roles and once one is completed we are ready to explore the next." You are a person who can do what you please now and that is not uselessness but your power. Do what you love and take care of yourself. And by the way, "Your Dad says: Go and get your hair done." She opened her eyes wide and said "I heard that in my head this morning!" I laughed, "Then go and laugh and enjoy yourself. Be playful and do the writing you are so good at and I hope to see a book you've published one day." I internally asked Spirit if I was done as usual and I got the go ahead to leave. I said, "Now you have a great day." I started walking out of Walmart to my car; and she followed me. She asked me: "Can I have your name?" I told her my name is Donna and then she said "If I see you again; can I say 'Hello' to you? I said, "Sure, but you usually won't see me again as this is how it works with me." I reminded her to do her passion, pamper herself and be playful.

This is one of the times of service and then I went home to be Mother and Wife again. It is important to listen and if no danger; do the service. Always ask if in doubt if the service is in pure light with no harm and no ego.


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