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Spiritual and Pleasurable Experience in Mexico - Psychic Viewing & Psychometry Energy Understanding

(Corrected again due to system errors) 7/27/2022 to 8/11/2022

Before visiting ancient Mayan Ruins in Tulum, we visited a cenote (waterhole) in which afterwards the fasting and washing of my swim suit for the sweat lodge was necessary, creating my intentions of healing harmony in my relationship. I recalled one of my past lives as Mayan participating

In male form with the priests of bloodletting of my wrists and chest areas for the honor of the water ceremony in a small cenote that I could stand knee high. That scene was seen when I studied Shamanism. I was wearing white cloth covering private parts and a headband as the priests chanted and had a stone small knife. Then that memory fades away from past life.

I have a feeling some cenotes were sacrificial & ceremonial that were so huge and deep long ago. Then we decided to see the Tulum Mayan Ruins…small but more newer built 1300 years ago. The iguanas greeted me and were the guardians now inhabiting the ruins. They were black and greenish and seemed to worship the sun looking up towards the sky. It was a sunny hot day and Love encouraged me to take my didgeridoo and walked different areas. I heard the Ancients chant to me a name or verse: “Uu ome ja ya.” They chanted this 3 times to me. Could this be the Goddess Yemaza of surrender in Latin continents and the Caribbean or or Mayan Greeting? I tried to research but I believe it is a phrase used during sacred reference in sweat lodge as well. It was my duty to understand the answers would be revealed in time.

One of the ruins overlooked the cliff towards the ocean. There were rocks and there was an iguana and I asked the land and Ancients or Spirits for permission to visit and address them and was given from my third eye. I greeted, with my animal speak technique, the iguana and greeted him as the 'King' and keeper of this sacred ancient space. He looked up at me and greeted me! “Hello Princess! Welcome back and you are of female form is why I call you this. You were a male when you were here briefly.” As we walked we heard the pheasants that are brownish cackling in trees hidden but heard. As I was walking after that mutual greeting; I found a yellow white plumage on the ground. I felt welcomed as yellow /amarilla is a sacred color and put it in my wallet belt.

It was a spot my husband told me to play my didgeridoo because not many people were there at that time. I played and an iguana surfaced between us on a rock. It seemed to be fascinated by the didgeridoo sound. A security guard came as he thought it was not respectful and we wanted money when I played and told us “No!” I then put it away but Jim filmed that moment. The ancients and spirits of long ago Maya were around and loved the didgeridoo. They have a Suicide God believe it or not and the spirits asked me: “Do you wish us to whisper he commit suicide into the security guard’s ear?” I calmly replied with my mind: “Oh no, not necessary and as he is thinking he is protecting this sacred site for his own good reasons. I understood his motive and the spirits were okay and calmed.

The tickets were $20 USD each for the Tulum Ruins, beach boat ride to see sea turtles (tortuga) and stingrays. Seaweed was piling up as we walked to Playa de Rosa beach to wait for our Captain Jesus and Tony his assistant. We had to walk on top of seaweed so dense and into the water in the boat. The wind and waves were a bit rough but it was my first time and my husband, who doesn't know how to swim, refused to snorkel. You have to keep up with the guide and they are way ahead. I found the waves too strong and tried but I came back to the boat and then I saw the rays as large as dinner platters and a sea turtle (tortuga) dive and go up and down and get on board. A stingray's tail glided across my chest but it was a lifejacket that covered my chest and back. I was nervous thinking of Steve Irwin but they were feeding them fish and the guide could hold the stingray. It was amazing. I didn’t tell Jim because he was scared of the sting rays and long depth of the ocean and then was going in the boat but stayed when there were more stingrays and tortugas. It was amazing and then walked back to the parking lot where there were shops and a token to park included with that price.

Each day I rose; I played the didgeridoo back at the hotel we stayed in Tulum and the staff seemed to enjoy it. We managed to have meals at local restaurants near the cenote and our hotel. We met a man named Miguel who was the manager of Merea, Nevea and Aldea all next to each other. The restaurant at Aldea was called “Umbal” not a big deal and that’s where the red ants made immediate way to my feet and stung a dozen times as soon as I sat down but so weird I was upstairs. Tropical hurricanes and rains encouraged us to stay local and not drive. We met a couple from Houston and his wife was Italian and he was getting his masters in special forces physician soon. He was bright and seemed to focus on importance and desire to reach intelligence levels and was a chiropractor. My husband gave his book information and I my podcast and he got a sample of my stories verbally. Anyway, they were great. We also had great lunches at local seafood hole in walls like El Dorado and local Taco stand with black roof in the Centro (center of town of Tulum) of Tulum you will find reasonable foods. Love bought some clothing and tasted mescal of different varieties. Amazing.

We decided from Miguel’s tip as manager of Merea in Tulum to take a nearer ferry with our car in Playa del Carmen called Calica but the security person said we were to do QR code reservation 24 hours advance…OMG QR codes with everything. Then he said you can come at 11 a.m. tomorrow and wait…what he really meant if you choose no reservation since we were too late 24 hours and wait in the heat in your car for 3 hours without any bathrooms we discovered and get onboard and we made it.

As we exited the ferry that landed in Cozumel told only 30 minutes was actually 1.45 minutes on ferry; we were looking for hotels as we had no internet to do and there are more scooters and motorcycles than cars and most do not carry insurance and there are taxi parking areas and they are supposed to not weave in between taxis and cars but we were already turning into a hotel and signaling and the motorcyclist runs into my passenger door panel and tire panel and falls. We stop immediately, the hotel guard says he is at fault not supposed to weave and we don’t understand English so the hotel guard says ask the taxi drivers to translate. I think the motorcyclist tried to tell the taxi drivers to be on his side but they refused to come over. We took out wipes the scrape on elbow and his shoulder and my husband said maybe call the police or ayudar (Help) I said. My husband grabs an alcohol bottle and pours on his scrapes and I take more wipes and clean softly then as he is going into the hotel (my husband) to try to see if reception can translate for us but they could not. I find bandaids to put on his elbow and give him more wipes. I looked at him and said, “Lo siento.” I am sorry for his pain. He then said the police will take a long time and take away as their law the car and his only means of transport…his motorcycle. He kept saying he was okay. My husband returned and gave him $60 USD with in pesos that helped get his motorcycle fixed because his gas lever was pushed behind the brake stand. He walked away and left him at another hotel or area because the hotel guard told him to leave. We found out the story was true and he probably didn’t have insurance. We could’ve had to stay for court and not leave for a long time and then resolve the car repair then. We would travel back to Cancun to get this addressed since telephone calls took too long to get through.

We went the next day for a tour we booked immediately after checking in our hotel. Assistant Andres and Filly the Captain from Cozumel Snorkel Tours took us with 10 other folks and at the first stop we saw some barracuda and the guide gave my love a life preserver with snorkel gear and helped him. It was such a relief. I pushed him forward to the boat as we would leave each site. We saw some tropical fish and a couple saw octopus change color. We went to the next point and the waters kept changing different colors of blue hues and saw beautiful tropical fish and some stingrays, baby sharks that were friendly and the next one was turtles (tortuga) and more fish and then finally the large coral reef spot we were not to touch and see starfish to not touch the size of large platters of serving plates. The next stop was the lowest point of water to knees and the rest of the guests played volleyball and had an inner tube of guacamole and chips and drinks. I was happy swimming and floating and dancing and my husband and I loved the people from Wales, Houston, TX USA, and other’s. We all got along and enjoyed this trip. Then we spent time at Hemingway’s restaurant. We met a league soccer coach who managed other coaches who gave his official shirt to Jim because he looked like his best friend. His wife took our number and we took pictures together. Amazing. We had a great dinner of passion fruit reduction on snapper and he had ceviche and all great presentation and taste. We took the ferry from Cozumel by car back to Cancun and showered and slept back in Tulum.

Unfortunately, Love was sun poisoned and was out of commission from the tour in Cozumel and delayed our departure to Bacalar. We ate the night before at Merea he met a waiter encouraged to do sweat lodge and the vegan burgers are fresh and amazing and smoothies. Since he was sick; we ordered another vegan burger with fries and smoothies and soup for my Beloved to be delivered by Francisco. Francisco, who loved my Beloved, as it was the one day during the storms we stayed nearby; they had a heart to heart talk about his life and moving up and my husband encouraged him to go to a sweat lodge as a weird paranormal thing happened to the whole area of lights going out. People talking about the planet Venus which moved a few times and puffed smoke and disappeared then reappeared. By the way, side note the Mayan astrologist read my Husband's birthdate and very powerful to the Mayans to Venus!!! He was seeing so many things at night and without that power outage him & Francisco wouldn't have had a life changing conversation as the man told my husband that the minute he saw us; he knew we were special people of la luz (the light). He broke fever overnight as I got iced water and water and juices and toast and fruit for him to eat.

It was time to leave for Bacalar and had changed cars because the license plate we had was black letters and police will stop you driving towards Bacalar and needed to be yellow for their own reasons to enter without problem as a car rental. The damage cost us only $350 on the car because we had insurance. We remembered Miguel’s tips to go to Bacalar where the water has 7 colors of hues. It is a large lagoon where the mineral has limestone and does not encourage fish to be in the waters as the hurricane changed the blues a little. We drove and checked into the small town of Bacalar into the Casa Chukum artsy like our art center hotel. Debbie and Marco are the owners of Casa Chukum then found a hotel and tour for snorkeling to the 5 points in Cozumel and coral reefs. Beautiful couple and space. We spent afternoon on our first day at a place recommended by Debbie named “La Playita” live music and water and walked in the water and met amazing Mexican wife Priscilla and husband married to her from Brazil named Enrique. Nice folks and spent dinner with each other later on as we saw them walking a little tipsy from "La Playita." We had a great time and found hemp shops cannot sell marijuana only bongs, pipes as the cartel doesn’t allow head or smoke shops to sell or they will be killed. They sell incense and only low dose CBD products only.

We had amazing cactus and chicken mole tacos, etc. the next day we planned to eat after the Catamaran tour. I bought a couple of Catarina (day of dead female) tee shirts and feathered earrings and my husband got an erotic flute for our daughter and we met an amazing artist, Guido F that painted some art in the hotel that we loved. Debbie and Marco then found a tour to the 5 points in Cozumel and coral reefs. Casa Chukum arranged this tour that included cenotes and blue water changes by depth of the water. They put us on a catamaran sailboat (In the catamaran you must have tolerance for water splashing on you and have arm shoulder strength to lift yourself in the catamaran to sail to the next point.) that picked up speed and it splashes you and water is either knee high or chest high that you can walk on all points except one black negra cenote is too deep but to only to see. He pointed out an island where a drug lord made a city with drug cartel money laundering abandoned when the DEA arrested and jailed him. He said the corruption with government and narcs/cartels doesn’t allow certain things to progress and utilize the property.

He pointed out areas of the jungle and huts where local Mayas live. He said that Mayans were great architects and astronomers and built systems where crops thrived before heavy long droughts. By the time the Spaniards came most Mayas left elsewhere due to climate change and drought like in the current history of climate and societies like today. The Spaniards could overtake because not many Mayans could fight back and so on. The catamaran hit Love slightly at the last moment on the head as the sail swung around as the guide turned to get the anchor to move the catamaran to the correct direction to sail. Then we got back to the hotel and got ice and aspirin and drove to the bank and got some cash. We visited again, Mr. Tacos as planned where everything to eat is $1.00 and drinks are $1.25. My husband mentioned this was too good to be true and the owner will not last but recommended eating from owners of Casa Chukum. He wanted my didgeridoo as I played. Guido (artist who art featured at Casa Chukum) loved it and we talked about Jim's book and meditation tips to the men and I added podcast stories to staff who booked our tour - Aldair. Jimena was amazing as well who sold me items from the shop in Casa Chukum. We enjoyed their shops and they wanted us to come back to do healing events at their space.

Then we drove to Valladolid and you can’t go wrong with the food anywhere. Missed the light show and the sacred church tour as we stayed one night and then Mayan Cuisine at Ix Cat Ik was healthier and amazing food. 5 stars and they had murals of the sacrifice of a virgin in a temple about to happen. The cafe was chili, cacao and coffee was amazing and their truffles too. The fish was amazing and pork shredded was saved for the next day at Chichen Itza. I met a Sun dancer while checking in at entering Chichen Itza who worked there and he saw me and showed me his scars. He showed me his Shaman who was the leader of the sacred Sundance. I had heard about Sundance where they put hooks on the shoulder or chest and swing for days, etc. from my Moari Crystal Healing Teacher named Yellow Horseman but never witnessed these. It is considered highly spiritual to the tribes and Sun Dancers who do this.

I then saw the Mayan pyramid. We are not allowed to walk in any more. I would read about the sacrifice chamber. I saw my son in past life walk and stop several steps and this was considered to the Mayans and community an honor to be chosen. I was his mother who was affected but hid my emotions that wanted him not to die but I didn’t want to go against the honor of the community saw in this. I saw him stop 3 times and then he was let in. I was able to see inside as the Mayan priests were there and a jaguar throne decorated red with jade stone spots and fangs where the priest sat and welcomed him and told him it was an honor. They used copal burning to 4 directions and the sacrifice table of stone and priests and my son. He was dressed in white. They gave chants and prayers as he kneeled for the blessings and then gave him tea to sedate him from resisting too much near the end. They had people hold his arms back and he was painted blue for this. The priest who carries the knife and another uses a conch shell to announce the ceremony is happening and sacrifice to be asked by the Gods for blessings and for whatever the community needs. He screamed several times as they stabbed deeper and I heard him and I cried and there is a stone wall carved of skulls for each sacrifice. We heard the guide say they had a warrior caste system and societal caste system. Mayans were secretive and people born rich or poor stayed that way. They were not allowed to intermarry castes in society. If there was a virgin to sacrifice; they only took one member from each family for this reason. They said they were cruel and violent and warrior-like. When sacred and society cultural secrets were made were dead and gone when they died. We bought local Mayan type calendars made from cedar and educated by the Mayan vendors, Mayan clay flutes and drums made from logs beat with small xylophone type beaters. We bought obsidian necklaces of Mayan designs and a skull clay flute type instrument. It was truly amazing and revealing. Of course I dare not speak about this to my son. He is traumatized by that lifetime but so weird he is born the month he died but chooses a few weeks later in this lifetime as his birthdate. We then ate since it was Sunday at “Chaya” a local popular restaurant and food was cheap and amazing. We left for the ferry to walk in after parking to Holbox (holbosh...pronounced Mayan style).

Holbox is LGBTQ friendly and accepts everyone. Small town with taxis as golf carts and bicycles and cars but Mexico driver's move a little aside for you to pass and drive slowly for pedestrians, motorcycles and scooter and cart and bicyclists and tuk tuks. They are not rude and crazy if it rains and puddles near you walking or in bikes or cars they drive slowly and are considerate for others to pass and not splash.

Amazing restaurants and street vendors. We ate Gusano and Chapilinas which are larvae and cricket tacos. My husband risked tasting it for the first time and I had tuna tacos. Amazing place and then the street vendor Mexican food is clean, cheap and good and sopes amazing and crepes as well. We also loved a breakfast by the beach at Amaite as their french toast and prosciutto sandwich was amazing and espresso and cappuccinos were great. We had a break two days in a row. We bought some sunglasses as someone picked them up at Chichen Itza. We ate at "Nanya" our last night and the ocean had a white stingray my husband saw. We had a nice quinoa shrimp salad and sushi, smoothies, and espresso with three balls of chocolate ice cream treat we shared. Then we danced together to watch the sunset. We then left the next day back to the ferry from Holbox to our car across the waters and then Puerto Morelos which looks like Florida especially Miami and had dinner.

After finding a hotel and ate a Restaurant steaks "El Chimichurri" meat and sauce. Very good food especially the parsley garlic fries and mashed potatoes came with salad and wonderful food. Left the next morning sleepless due to the hotel air conditioning system and bed was almost rolling off and made our way to go to the airport/aeropuerto for the car return airport and bought some trinkets for gifts and left as it was my first time being security checked in Mexico and then we left and arrived in Atlanta for a 2 hours flight. Amazing 2 weeks of wonderful first times for us.

I would recommend Mexico to explore nature, the foods, culture and positive places to experience something new.


John Tibbetts
John Tibbetts
Aug 18, 2022

There is so much to gather from this beautiful post! I’m going to have to go in a few more times to read it all! Big hugs.

Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder
Aug 16, 2023
Replying to

Thank you hope you did get to read again.

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