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Stop Running from Yourself

Some people run away to find themselves and wander and explore. Let them. They will settle down when they learn to face every flaw and beautiful thing about themselves. They will stop running and moving to avoid the difficult work. They may profess that they are doing it but it is just a filler of space, doing that avoids settling down and being. They may say they are fine with staying in patterns of coping and try to tell themselves and others they are fine. Don't be a 'good' friend to them. A good friend tells them like it is out of a loving heart to say: "It's time you really spent time with yourself and address what needs to be avoided."

You showing one way of being is not supportive of the divine plan. You are more than what you are afraid to show. You may try to reason with others and gather those who just want the superficial show and get applauds and likes/hearts but that doesn't give you the gift of being real and raw.

Try backing away into your Cave of Wisdom you've avoided. Allow the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the Primordial tribe to embrace you and get you back to your Wholeness. Stop running unless you want to keep running; in the end you will feel unsatisfied because you neglect you. Your facade will be seen soon enough.

You may not like some people who try to get you on a real path and keep a comfortable stance with those who truly mirror your being. This will only build resentment of doing the work towards others who try to to help you realize your Presence is needed NOW.


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