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Super Flower Blood Full Moon 5/15/2022

Lovely when the Earth, Sun and Moon align. The Earth blocks the Sun’s rays on the moon giving the blood moon affect. So many stories of spiritualities about this Powerful Moon. She is a lovely huge rose quartz (self love stone) or rhodonite stones (wards off negativity and gives compassion). Did you empower your totems or crystals? If you didn’t; the energy is lingering. Enjoy it.

I feel there is a residual effect. I am an empath like some healers are. My husband was very happy and blissful. Just being around him; I felt the bliss and we were one in bliss. I felt the urge to laugh and we caressed each other with bliss. It was the magic of this Moon. Truly letting go of any kind of separations of being in this life with self, each other and this planet. I was laughing and so happy and we were both happy.

What a powerful effect of this Powerful Super Flower Full Moon. Some trees stand tall to watch Her around our home but caught glimpses of her shining so brightly and closely to us before changing color. What an awe inspiring show.

Communication will be required this time. More meaty conversations to resolve and accept oneself and each other. Some are great with words. Others are good at showing examples of illustrating a means to communicate. It is an art to be able to learn and move forward in your communication. Any loose ends will be attended to. Anything uncomfortable to address is the time to address it now for years to come. Clearing the path on your destiny trail. You are the Maverick and Pioneer of this Trail of Destiny which is your truth path, your clearing path, your completion path to any ideas or projects you are working on to complete and attend to detail.

What do you really want in life? What do you want as a relationship? What do you see yourself as a Planet Dweller to heal the Mother who needs us and this Moon directs us and implores us to address even the uncomfortable, the avoided, the unfinished or what we wish to start but haven’t. This is the opportunity to be truthful yet understanding and listening to another when sharing the communication. Allow the idea that in communication; that we are not talking to ourselves; we are talking with another being of Divinity just like you. Allow them to be able to listen and see their perspective.

As we get comfortable with patterns of thinking, speaking in communicating or simply avoiding; this can no longer be ignored. You must reach closure, you must see other’s perspectives even in group discussions. Can you get out of your own mind when another addresses you? Can you listen to what they see, feel or mean? Can you honor that fact that you do not have to think during that moment about your next topic or answer. You allow the space to speak and now allow the space to hear.

This is our journey together. We are all here to evolve. Sometimes, with remote work, learning, play and education; we have forgotten how something just doesn’t affect us and we are not alone. We must come out of our manmade cocoons and take care and listen and explore our resurrections into the destiny path we are designed to walk forward, evolve and grow all at once. Isn’t this marvelous? Harvest the bounties of life and have gratitude where you are now rather than where you were in the past. There is a beauty of discovery during this gratitude reflecting phase after the Moon. If you believe; you will succeed as the saying goes but in a truer sense of living your life to the fullest removing all obstacles into peace. Allow others to peacefully resolve without hesitations. We are all evolving in our own way. May you feel supported and blessed during the journey into the Power you are…not egotistical but assurance and appreciating what you have learned, how you have grown and look forward to more. Be positive and comforted; we are all doing this together. Much love in your journey of the healing light of the Super Flower Blood’s Moon effect for years to come. Don’t worry when it finishes. You are the magic and you will focus on the betterment of you and in relationship to others and Mother Moon, Mother Earth and all that dwell in union and harmony. Peace to you and awakening is happening. Enjoy.


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