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Tara - The Goddess Centering 11/8/2004

This was a planned event with my Reiki Master's Sanctuary for women to gather and invest in themselves. I took a journey with instructed tools to emphasize the energy and connection to reach the Goddess of the Time of Universal Lessons - Tara. I was instructed by Spirit to take Amber (stone of blood of the earth), Oracle card of Tara, Jaguar (No fear) symbol, fairy moth (focus to the light) with a scarab adornment (resurrection). It was also my time to do Goddess teachings at this Sanctuary.

Upon grounding my earthly body; my sacred body is taken to my personal pyramid of power and the block slab is a bed for crystal healing has a royal pillow for me to sit on which is lotus shaped and go into the cosmos. I am spun into a mystical cloud-like atmosphere of blue where Tara sits on a cloud and beckons me to come to her. I am on a smaller could like hers. She takes me and I transform as a small baby that she caresses and kisses & has me sit upright as I grew into a little older baby in her lotus positioned lap.

I observe a woman who resembles Durga - the Goddess of Boundaries with many arms and this time. Symbols are presented: a briefcase, cooking pots and all items the modern woman is expected to be and she is golden silver wearing a Thai headdress. She is flailing her long overstretched arms out to do all those things. I am told she send all her energy out and has nothing for herself (me and every women who multi tasks and serves all except herself). Her body becomes thin and eyes red from tears falling but Tara tells me she is is still doing her duties and has forgotten herself. Does this sound familiar? Then the tears go from red to orange and she is stoic.

Tara floats to her and tells me to join in and send healing green energy love from our heart chakras to heart. She is transformed into Shakti (Goddess of Energy) and I assist helping the women to ground themselves like a lotus flower and have bamboos surround them that symbolize the number 5 - 5 senses and bamboo is the symbol of blessings. The number 5 is the 5 senses and elements and growth. The women are asked to meditate on this number of growth by asking them to breathe through your womb, sit in this energy and experience it with each breath visualizing the true color of each of their own wombs and releasing through your labia. The purpose is to enhance and clear each chakra with each breath visualizing the true color they are and surrounding themselves with White Light and dance your dance of centering and focus.

I see the same woman starting out this journey dancing now and she loses all her extra arms and she is veiled with the sarong I used from other women's gatherings and drape it on her like Mother God/Mother Mary and she is healthy and vibrant. She wears no clothing and the veil is removed and she holds a rose while her body heals. She is even more vibrant because she has learned her truth which is deep inside of herself and rooted herself inside before she roots from her root chakra like a lotus flower into the Earth. Truth and rooting deeply inside is essential before we can focus and center ourselves.

I am taken from Tara's lap and placed onto my own cloud as a mini Tara. She further requests lotus flowers and good luck plants to gift to my Reiki Master the space holder of this event and a large white candle, sparkling ciders, dates, figs, apples and strawberries will be ornately displayed in a colorful bowl with almonds, hummus and chips. It is his birthday as well on the same date. I am instructed to take veils and music as well. The Oracle will be taken and done. No additional activity supplies are needed as this is the exercise of centering and focusing with healing stones with information on Tara and her story is to be presented with the Goddess Song in her honor.

Thanks to all the Divine Help and the Creator for this sacred message today. I am blessed to help in this universal gift of healing for me and all women ready to take the steps on their own evolvement to surrender into their Divinity. Peace and Gentle Loving Journeys of Centering to you. Namaste.


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