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Time to Go Beyond the Normal with Your Inner Child by Blue Thunder 9/28/2023

Have you felt life is all about the blah and not so exciting tasks of structure and limitation. Are you frustrated and feel like you need to be on another planet, continent or a great need to leave your limited life behind? Well, this is a good thing. It is the realization that work and structure are all part of the balance of life. See yourself beyond the duties and responsibilities. We handle them and then we choose a day to say: “Nope, that’s not today. I am going to self love myself beyond the normal.

Sometimes, we think of fun tasks and plan to do them. Can we be more open to relaxing and letting things develop as we create our way of gaining more balance, feeling grounded and part of Mother Earth? What can we do with wild abandon? It’s a nice thing to just leave it all behind and do something spontaneous. I have a blog that is inspired by the childhood story “Where the Wild Things Are.” I take you on a journey into another realm where nothing is normal and nothing is required to be normal. You don’t have to fit in and you don’t have to respond to society, your family, your children or clients or friends they expect you to. I invite you to get into your Wild Side. How do you let go? Wow! Imagine when you were a kid and you were free to play and run around and look at the clouds above and see shapes, creatures, animals or different things transform in your eyes as an image only to dissipate and create another form. Life is only temporary and things can evolve and dissolve before our eyes. You can choose to take it lightly or take it harshly. Which do you choose for your Wild Side? Isn't it great to be light in your heart, dance a bit your own movement and not care what others think of you? You don’t have to be in one role all the time. You can be free in your mind first and act on it.

Don’t stay mopey or sad if you are…then it’s time to go out and play in nature. Imagine you are a free 5 year old and going through nature and picking the setting as you are the Master of your happiness and freedom. Don’t shackle yourself by saying you don’t deserve or have the time. That's b.s. My dear. You take the time and it will help you to laugh and be playful, watch something that makes you laugh, listen to music and move with it. Don’t care and don’t hesitate. Breath in joy and skip here and there and see how you can bring back the bliss if you relax and focus on it. Don’t be so drab and forget you are a sparkly lively light. What would you do if you were a firefly? Would you think about problems and tasks and how structure it would be. You only live such a short period of time so explore and shine on. Watch cartoons, color, make mud pies, skip stones, wade in the water or enjoy the surroundings that nature offers to invite you to bring that simple joy you deserve in your life. Play with music instruments in a music store or buy some music and explore moving. Watch live street performers and their own freedom,

Sing in the shower and be in your own amusement.

Wear something you are comfortable in and some color to express your mood, chakra, or you are a pleasure seeker and invite the urge to act on your explorations and journeys out of the structure, out of the cubicle and out of the box. Don’t stay in the same room in your house all the time. Make a space or room to play just as for work or for spiritual upliftment. Don’t be so serious as this limits and ages you no matter what age ... .you need the freedom element to play and you need and deserve and mostly choose this. This is a form of balance and self love. Love yourself and be the inner child heart coming outside to enjoy and play. I hope this helps you as the card I drew was “Going Beyond Normal” and just be the adventurer and you freshen your mind and outlook on life. What a pleasure to draw this for me and you. Namaste, Aho and Peace to you my Beloved Childlike Heart Explorers. Much love, laughter and fresh new beginnings will occur when you free your own restraints and live. (Alana Fairchild's Sacred Rebels Oracle - Beyond the Normal)


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