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Unity over Fear

When you are in competition (fear) lose sight of what unity is. When you develop a separate way of dealing from life from the community; you lose gifting each other peaceful understanding and dialogue. When you get to the point you are unclear of what is truth told and fantasy (ego); you lose yourself in the stories you tell to make yourself big. Love yourself first and be fine with who you are; don't pretend to please others, be with others to fit in or worry about whether their thoughts make who you are; your intention in self love and loving acceptance of all your darkness and light will help you evolve in love, peace and unity. There are no separate tribes...the world is one and if you can see that; you've got every possible potential to make your life comparisons but just be the Divinity and Sacred Temple ...your body and allow your Soul to guide you in light. The ego and mind cannot be ignored but the actions you take everyday...ask if this is divisional or inclusive of all the positives your can make your world be along with others standing in their unflinched commitment to truth within and outside of you and between each other. Peace.


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