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Wands and Usages

Dear Magical Ones;

Welcome. I would like to cover the topic of wands. A wand can be anything that extends and creates a channel of energy of intention. Some wands are ornate made of glass or crystals or some are made of wood and also can be a part of a tree, a chopstick, a twig or objected that has a pointed end on it. It doesn't have to be a fancy one if you are pulled to a wand. I have wands that the maker puts an intention/s in it and if it draws me to it; I buy it for the purpose of the commitment to heal in the highest good.

You are a tool for healing and wands are the extension of it. I use wands that I cleanse before using and myself on the earth healing, animals and people. I use a wand to open the vortex to heal the earth, people or animal if afflicted to open the area up energetically and pull out negatives or clear debris. A wand can also pinpoint the area instead of using your hands to 'scan' the individual's energy field as well.

The magic that happens is the client wants me to clear and enhance/strengthen an area of concern or their mind has placed there. Then once the open area is cleared and enhanced Shamanically with crystal, shell, stones, feathers, shells, totems, etc. then I close up. Remember the rule, if you open; you close the vortex or afflicted area. I utilize Reiki with the wands as well.</