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What Freedom? Are You a Sheep or a Wolf?

7/3/2016 What Freedom? Are You a Sheep or a Wolf

What Freedom Wednesday. It was very nice. I was dressed as an inmate, LOL, Corey Wagner as the inspirational cop playing drums LOL and Eden Marie & friend bodypainting herself. It was a pleasure preparing s'mores and having to burn sparklers and listen to spoken word guests.

Ah yes, the meditation:

Are you a Sheep or Wolf?

I had you relax and ground and take you on two spaces and times where you were the quiet observer...Breathing in calm and purity and your Pure Light Helpers always by your side....

I had your guide take you to a pasture where you heard in the distance sheepherders rallying the sheep. Observe the sunny day and the warm sunbeams on your face and gentle breeze on your cheek and smell the sweet grass and earth below....

Now see how the sheep is told when to rise/awaken, when to eat, when to sleep and die in a designated space as one follows the other. The sheep is a kind animal and symbol of childlike innocence.

Do we fall into the social media, the television or radio and tell who we are? Do you base our identity by how many likes, heart and compliments to value ourselves? Do you involve ourselves in this type of artificial web of connection of ourselves? Who are you? Are you what your teachers, elders, coaches, partner, family tell us to be and who we are? Are you the person for another we love in our culture and religion or friends or co-workers? Have we lost who we are?

Now go to another space as your guide shows you a moon light evening sky with many stars and quiet calming sounds of crickets. On the mountain top you see before you; you see a wolf. Notice how the wolf is a loner, who does not mind to be alone, digests his environment, studies situations and does not act impulsively. The wolf does not please anyone but makes decisions and choices after careful thought. He needs not to be liked and he is clear on who he/she is. He knows who he is and his truth and does not allow anyone or anything cross his boundaries...he knows what his boundaries are. The wolf is a teacher and is your teacher. As you observe the nature of the wolf ...the wolf's eyes turn blue and they see yours and they meet. Sending the blue light of truth only to your sacred self. Get in touch with who you are and your sacred self. As you feel certain and breathe this blue light are becoming truth and who you are....

As you breathe in this blue light of the Warrior of peace and certainty.

As it is time to go; please rejoin your sacred empowered true body with the earthly body/temple. Take this as your own living lesson of truth. Be you and nothing more is required.



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