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Winter Solstice 2021 Message from Blue Thunder

Dear Loving Lights!

Hope you are all well and focusing on positive and joy filled experiences this holiday season. The air is filled with the vibrations of gaiety and love. We, a ONE, focus on the compassionate existence of sharing and giving what we can to each other. Health in mind, body and spirit are very important.

As I write this blog; I reflect on things presented to me that were illusions or attempts to block my full view of the Gift of the Universe and light potential. I am listening to myself hearing my judgment or pre-disposed decisions of old patterns or habit of understanding myself and others and taking note and listening to the light language of the Universe to correct myself. Honor our emotions but don’t be controlled by outer influence stimulating emotions that are dark but necessary to release. Those that do not understand the great shifting and soul expansion going on will be vile or violent. These are those who had not been able to to be motivated and understand the deep divinity inside. We need connection within our own divinity towards peace and ambivalent self care and care of others. We need to understand we have the power to choose our focus on negatives or positives. What feels good to you? Self defeating thoughts or actions or words about ourselves and others do not reveal the light potential we all have. We have the opportunities upon rising every day to decide our best self forward, best self forward in thoughts, words and actions.

Some folks believe that external influences can help us but only temporarily. It is essential to understand a plant, animal or alternative healing method is used as a tool to exeteriorily stimulate what is within and then access our own connection as a soul walking this earth with Spirit in the Light. Intention /decision is everything. If we clearly sit and breath and think before talking, deciding or acting; we can reach peace in our mind, in our hearts and bodies and breathe it in. Fill ourselves with this and peace will be the doorway to all that is good and deserving of us all.

Are we not made for the Love from above? Are we not a heart that can heal and be One with ourselves and different aspects of the Self? Are we not Unlimited Creative Beings of Light? We have forgotten all our Pure Light Helpers are here and have been dedicated to us Beloved.

We have had many lifetimes of expansion and karma to resolve and so have our fellow living beings all around us no matter what dimension and what Universe; we all want loving peace and harmony in order to feel what true ONENESS is.

If you read my blog of the “White Buffalo Woman” and you will see no matter what species we are; that we all want peace and oneness. In this season of Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year 12/21 or 12/22. It is a gift to think of things that no longer service us, our path or destiny of divinity with the light. We list these on small pieces of paper and then we write what we have gained in strength, clarity and certainty within, our goals, our relationships and our own being. We then create a mesa of empowerment of self with this knowledge of gratitude and fully present in as much as we are now.

Shifting and expanding are happening now. Do you feel that your focus is not able to be stretched as before? Do you feel tired? Do you feel after reading or studying that you need to rest and process things in small frequent times…Please do so; as we are all elevating and expanding. We must be sure to take note of harmful signs of others and surround them with group love and support in words, love, and small tokens of care. We will benefit more when we strengthen ourselves, then we can strengthen others. We must understand the inner dialogue of the mind cannot be deciding what is light and love from EGO and neither from our paternal or ancestral survival or territorial or traumatic backgrounds of behavior and forming societies of limited thoughts and separatism.

Winter Solstice is the opportunity to understand our releases are the beginning of the darkness lesson to release and taking the time to reflect and manifest the birth of new things in thorough thought and research and learning. We are not an island to think that there are no others like we are not the universe to think there are no others as well. We are a speck…no matter what planet or universe and we will do our best to resolve our issues on earth or our planet first by being non toxic and find ways of healing it to help our future generations evolve in a healthy environment by respecting our land, water, air and earth and cosmos.

There have been more frequent sightings of other outer spacecraft. Can we be so blind to think that if they are different; they are harmful? Have we watched too much propaganda of our ancestors teaching us to fear what we do not understand? Send healing to our traumatized Ancestors of all ages and realms. We are in the mode of the Feminine to balance the Masculine but each is reforming and being recreated as the traits as all have both in harmony not against each other. It is a beautiful thing to see this and men vulnerable and real to honor their hidden emotions and pain. We, as women encourage this from our men and men encourage strength and power of voice and choice of our women. One harmony is reach within each other; the potential of loving light unity is the blessing of our efforts of ONEness and true acceptance.

The journey of self should be a self loving one, forgiving, embracing and being of their own Light Divinity. I would create your empower mesa/table with candles, incense, frankincense and myrrh or copal, sage, palo santo, etc. and totems or objects of empowerment that have shown up for you repetitively. Place your manifestations and releases in a bowl and do a ceremony of song or dance, poetry or gratitude of the Winter Solstice to welcome the dark to be revealed and inner reflection to a bright you. Then take a tin foil plate outside not near fallen leaves, and make sure it is away from flammable cloth or items. Put the release papers in and burn and burn your herbs as offerings. Sing or play instruments or dance, etc. and then burn the manifestations into the Universe to receive in sincere pure light heart what you manifest without ego and guided pure light assistance to achieve and to be a good listener and act on your guidance. Trust in Spirit, trust in yourself and do what is needed to prepare for the 2022 year. Say goodbye to grief, loss, chaos, sadness, anger, anxiety and you breathe in the light of hope and forward thinking during this process.

Make special food offerings and flowers or anything you think to create a clay sculpture, painting, song,

and express with your own power of the inner creative what you are grateful and look forward to. May

you be blessed and fulfill what your manifestations are with pure light guidance and support from Heaven

and Earth or whatever realm of pure light you choose.

Much much love and wishing you the best on your Winter Solstice. Celebrate the coming new world with Your-Self present and anew in your Loving Light. Much much gratitude for you being here Light Potentials. Namaste, Peace to you and Happy Solstice/Holidays!


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