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Working with Crisis with Goddesses Erynese 9/1/2004

Dear Ones;

Another journey to assist you that you are unlimited possibilities of light. The journeys are familiar lessons weaved into other stories presented to you at Healium for self growth. I hope you enjoy me sharing my spiritual journeys that are applicable to any life lesson you may apply it to. My sharing is my gift as well.

Many of us are facing crisis. The Goddesses Erynese (Crisis) is with us for now. It is a bothersome time. People acting ifferently or irrationally. It requires patience, compassion and keeping a low key presence but taking proper action for humanity.

Lately, many people have been approaching me about beings inhabiting other living bodies. I think it is an attention for me learn more... so a lesson is coming. There is a course by Ram Das that is taught for a weekend. I can't afford that right now because my attention is establishing a place for commitment and taking more psychic tool classes. My class on Healing Master Guide was awesome and my Guide is the Golden Child named Lo Goa. He is a little Buddhist type boy that does flips and somersaults and so forth.

The next workshop was awesome on past lives, Guardian angels, and spirit guides at a psychic school no longer staffed and teaching at present. In a portion of my past lives (we do have many past lives our eternal soul learned to evolve with joy or pain filled lessons). I am transported by the meditation to 16th Century Ireland in Lochlan living on a farm as a little girl. One acquaintance that appeared that one day was my uncle.

As I grew into a young adult; I was trained by Ms. Vagaboad who was a lone healer without husband or family. She taught me how to grow herbs for gardening from her property and she willed it to me when he passed on. She used to tell me stories of elves, fairies, etc. and spin wool and then later taught me how to grow the plants for healing into salves, ointments, tinctures, etc. vI became the known healer after she passed her wisdom to me. I helped people heal and they loved me but the church could not understand what I was doing. I baked cookies and told stories to the children passed down as her tradition in the community and they were quite fond of me.

The church decided upon having inquisitions to get rid of the demonic and unholy people they thought were not in alignment with their laws and decrees. The church became more government and church at the same time. What a dangerous mix.

One night; they came for me and took quietly away unseen by the community into a dungeon and burned me in front of a crowd that were from the outskirts of town who didn't know me. The Church needed people to testify against me for the punishment. Besides the church threatened them to burn at the stake if they did not comply. The local community would have rioted if I was burned publicly. These was one portion of a past life from the psychic schools teachings.... I journey to another portion of my past life.

The next past life I soul travel to Atlanta and that it was the future but may have been the past and got a lot of advanced healing uses from that time. I have much to learn still. I think more so Lemuria then Atlantas as my soul kept traveling to portions of my past life...I see myself with blonde hair and a high ranking captain and healer of another planet traveling the galaxy in my space ship. We would travel to a healing chamber as illness of any kind was a situation instead of referred to as illness where the 5 senses healings occurred. The journey onwards leads me to Atlantis where I am a dark haired woman who is the Crystal Keeper's Assistant for the Element of Water. I tend to her and assist her in all her needs for water rituals, ceremonies and ceremonial robes. My current husband is my lover as marriage is not a contract or though in these times. My son is a well respected and knowledgeable presence with the Egyptian smock and hairstyle with the painted eyes. He had tried to help with the catastrophic event but we drowned climbing to higher ground to save me and himself.

I keep traveling onwards and see my self in a sheer golden robe in Egypt. I am a Seer for Pharaoh and develop ritualistic dances and choreograph and foretell any information he needs. I utilize a crystal ball as my seeing tools into other dimensions. My daughter is a member of royal court that and we are close. I was tired of the pressure to be right as penalties were to be paid for if I was wrong. I was human and weary of this huge responsibility with the consequences that were lethal like other life times. I am so happy for this lifetime as you can be who you are and not be penalized for being incorrect or wrong this life time. What a relief.

As I continued on this journey to pick up images of my soul journey and life times reincarnated on earth; I saw myself as a male Native American as a young boy who played practical joke on one of the Elders and my rites of passage in which

you jump on a horse bareback to ride it. The Elder laughed as I fell off the horse while learning. It was pay back...He was my closest friend as I grew into a Shaman in the borders of Canada and New York. I married a woman named 'Dove' from another tribe to create peace between our tribes. Unfortunately, it did not work and she was the first killed as I blamed myself for the hope of peace and many people were killed from tribes attacking our tribe. The Elder advised me to not keep this on my shoulders and let it go. Her spirit came to me and said it was all right as she has reincarnated this life time. She said I was different from other Shamans and men and hard to comprehend me and life together in this role.

As I am contemplating this life time; my then Spirit Guide - Saratoga appears and shows me an earlier time in my life as a Native American Healer in Training as a Shaman wearing a Buffalo Head with horns into the Sacred Lodge. He was part of that life time with me. When e smiles; you could see tobacco stains on his teeth and wore a wolf skin whenever he was with me in the Sacred Lodge. He gave me some advice. He made a bowl shape in the sand and poured water on it. He said, 'Have faith' as the water sunk. Then he asked me to do the same as it steadily sunk into the sand. He asked me to do this over and over again until I learned to will the water still without sinking. Then he said, "See you have faith and abundance and truth will come. Stand in your truth like the water with certainty." He gifted me a jaguar tooth and long white feather.

At this point, the Director of the Psychic school wanted to do another meditation as you have seen more detail before on Mother Mary's blog on an earlier date on this website. Then the Goddess of Compassion - Kuan Yin appeared to me and changed into Mother Mary. She opened her robe as dozens fo roses fell out and her heart showed like the Sacred Heart of Jesus type of heart. Mother Mary said, "I love all my children and one are favorites whether good or bad deeds and it is an unconditional love." Then she again turned and blew White Light into our foreheads and left. This was some blessing of a day. Thank you all Purity and Truth with Unconditional Love. Namaste.


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