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Working with Faeries (Ancient Magickal name of Fairies) - What Elemental Are You?


April 20, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Published by Blue Thunder aka Donna Peera · Just now ·  Working with the elementals. Find information on the net or try Doreen Virtue's books very helpful. Discover what Elemental or suspected elemental your friend/s / relatives are...Find comfort learning of the denizens of the Earth and how they heal Her or you or others. I am working with the Faeries and loved my journey to them. One of my power animals took me there or if you are kind hearted being that loves nature & animals you may have them in your own backyard or forest/park. It is wonderful to be childlike and pure of heart to enjoy this experience. What will you do to honor their healing work for Mother Earth and all that dwell? We swung on invisible swings attached to nothing and I shapeshifted