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You are Love, Light and Peace by Pushing through Anger, Anxiety and Fear

The only thing you can control is your decision that you are blessed and valued in God’s eyes with simply who you are. You are not your job, money, your degrees or titles nor your religion, culture or gender.

You come from the void of nothingness in which all are created. You are the creator of new ways of being and experience things as a Light ignited by joy, peace, love and gratitude knowing that your vessel is sacred to allow learning experiences that your soul has asked at the point of incarnation. Yes you are evolving and embrace it. It’s the perfect time!

You are to rest, exercise, play without digital or physical or material. It is a journey back to basics of a simpleton  life not distractions of nails, youth enhancing creams/Botox or fashion wear nor the excess of appearance or eating out and things you buy,

Distracting oneself from within work that is gifted to all of us to appreciate the goodness and the lessons that evolved us is the purpose of this lesson of pushing beyond fear, anxiety and anger into invigorating yourself with hope, peace and love. Please be with yourself as so many are doing this with you in their incubation chambers of glory and wholeness! You will get through this. My hugs and smiles to you!

Be at peace and discover what you dismiss is the opportunity to experience and explore as sometimes the most simple things are the most transforming. Stagnancy is doing the same thing and staying in the familiar only can lead to frustration because it is not the same world. We are the grand explorers


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