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Joel Margolies

As a retired chiropractor, I am well aware of the physical and emotional nuances that create Health and Wellness and always attempt to align myself with others having the gift of healing while leading others on their path towards Wellness. Donna is such a person. She is gifted healer with an array of tools to reach the inner soul and free the spirit within. She also is a gifted writer providing guidance and thought that enhances her ability to reach so many more. You are in good hands and spirit with Donna .. Blue Thunder.


Joel Margolies

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Aaliyah Bashir 

Blue Thunder is a loving, non-judgmental healer. She actually encourages you to be more of yourself as you discover it for yourself. I’ve been able to participate in Tarot readings and guided Tibetan bowl meditations with her, and her healing takes me to the next level spiritually & emotionally.




Aaliya Bashir

Director of Operations
Warrior Body Spa

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Kyle Brandenstein 

Today @rapselizabeth and i got to partake in a spiritual journey through sound vibrations and i highly recommend it to everyone. it started off by being welcomed by two beautiful souls, one was named Blue Thunder (@blue_thunder_heal) and she was the leader of the class for the night. We walked into the meditation room, sat down, which was covered in blankets and pink/ purple dim lights with a beautiful white translucent tapestry hanging on the ceiling, with a bunch of stones and items symbolizing the Chakras. The teacher, Blue Thunder takes you on a spiritual journey with a story and with the use of sounds of different vibrations. You are reminded to let go of any karmic ties that are holding you down. It was such a beautiful thing to experience, I recommend it to everyone. It makes you feel bliss and helps remind you what beauty there is in sounds, music, art, stories, the world, yourself, etc. Self love is very important you and should really value your body and mind. Relax, breathe, clear your mind and appreciate yourself. Remind yourself why should you love yourself more and why you’re worthy of being loved. ◡̈ spread and embrace love and make the world a better place.


- Kyle Brandenstein

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John W. Rabson

Your energy rocked my world that you produced in my world on Friday with my patients I passed on to at least 6 pts and 2 of my staff members information about you and your center (Healium Center). May you have a blessed day and I look forward to serving you my friend. 


Yesica Leon

-- Dr. John W. Rabson

Horseshoe Bend Chiropractic Center

What a true blessing to have crossed paths with Blue Thunder! Thank you for sharing your light, your love and your teachings with me. I am in a better place mentally, emotionally, and physically since your healing. My life now attracts greater things, it is full of light, positive energy, and now I have the strength to stay light when faced with what may be not so light situations.


Yesica Leon

World Financial Group

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