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February 11, 2020

Dear Ones; With new year 2020 there are changes even with technology as wix has changed my blog post to other for new posts I channel or share of my spiritual connections or travels. Please visit the last tab on the website to see new blog posts.

Much love.

Blue Thunder

November 20, 2019

Healium’s office is closed for Thanksgiving and the month of December and January 2020! Wish you a beautiful time together and focus with inner child eyes to explore, be compassionate, laugh, love, live and be at peace. Manifest your new you and beginnings once again. Cycle of life is always forward. Many thanks for your support and inclusion in your self-transformation! Much love! 

November 18, 2019

Final 2019 Blue Thunder Healing's Sound Immersion is Thursday, 11/21 7:30-9 PM at Healium Center or

Thanks for all the support! Peace and Happy Holidays. See you Feb. 2020!

November 14, 2019

I have tweeked my own recipe of this East African dish from my husband's birthland. He is Indian East African so many requested and enjoyed. So here it is: 

Serves 4 to 6 people

3 lbs. chicken mixture of thighs and drumsticks

4 medium chopped potatoes

1 large diced/chopped onion

2 Tablespoons ginger powder

2 Tablespoons garlic powder

1 Tablespoon garam masala or curry powder 

2 teaspoons cumin seeds or powder

1-2 cups chopped tomatoes

2 - 15 ounce can of coconut milk

1/2 cup chopped celanthro

1 to 2 Tablespoons lime or lemon juice

1/2 cup lime leaf pulled off stem

salt and pepper to taste (I use Himalayan)

1/2 cup chicken broth or more if you like thin soupy or water

Optional add fresh chopped chilis or powdered 1/2 teaspoons or teaspoon powdered chili

Ghee or Olive oil to sautee

Chicken preparation:

use lemon juice and dry rub of tikka seasoning 

or use the tikka paste and rub well and let it sit

for an hour or 1 day and grill in oven

Drain sauce and set aside chicken to cool

Prepare the above ingredients a...

November 14, 2019

Hello My Beautiful Loving Lights!

Thank you for attending the storytelling sound heal yesterday, 11/13/2019.

As we rooted ourselves into Mother Earth; we were reminded how connected we are to Her. She is the supporter, nurturer and provider to all that dwells. She gives unconditionally without hesitation and welcomes you back in any form. As you see your roots deeply

connected to Mother Earth; you feel them connected so strongly to her. You are part of her. You are dust and dirt and formless in the void and in the beginning. You come to Earth to learn and experience so on this journey with your Sacred body you must purify your energy by breathing a pure light into the top of your head and coming down into your body and all around it. You took deep breaths with your nose and filled the purity into your lungs, body and heart and then released what does not empower you. You are reminded that being in the NOW is most important and the past does not equate your worth, your potential nor your b...

November 13, 2019

Good day to reflect. Watching the leaves fall and see how easily the trees shed what was not needed. The leaves represent the old, the past, the resolved or the unempowered in our lives. The leaves are free to fall and explore and return in their death with Mother Earth. Mother Earth welcomes in any dance toward death to make room for the manifestations and new birth. Enjoy this season to remind us no matter who or what we are...this is all temporary. You are strong, good and enough and so celebrate this reminder of what you do, your name and titles or labels are not you. You are a speck of dirt, dust and created from the void of formlessness. You are "molded" by the environments around us but in the end we return to the True Self coming from nothingness. We are Divine Essence and always make our journey back home. It is what we create, manifest and do in between make it meaningful. How have we evolved with the Light? How have we contributed to service? How have we embraced ourselves a...

November 10, 2019

Aztec's believe that warriors who died in battle became hummingbirds and butterflies assisting the Gods/Goddesses of Creation. So appropriate for our Veterans. Much gratitude and love. Here's a prayer for all from the Day of the Dead celebrations to honor your Beloveds:

Oh, for so short awhile you have loaned us to each other
because we take form in your act of drawing us,
and we take life in your painting us,
and we breathe in your singing us.

But only for so short awhile have you loaned us to each other.
because even a drawing cut in obsidian fades,
and the green feathers, the crown feathers of the Quetzal bird lose their color,
And even the sounds of the waterfall die out in the dry season.

So, we too, because only for a short while have you loaned us to each other.

Aztec Indian Prayer

October 31, 2019

Hello Beloved Earth Dwellers;

It was a beautiful night to honor your ancestors. The Goddess Mictecacahuatl of the Underworld would be the Goddess to teach us the Universal Lesson of the Time. The Underworld is the space where the dead and their bones are kept until the loved ones below send healing, love and forgiveness to the Ancestors/Departed for them to move onto the Upperworld. In other words, it is the realm where it is neither hell nor heaven. A holding station until the departed receives a mutual healing from the Earth Dwelling Loved Ones.It is also known when she carried bones and mixed them up and dropped these on different continents; that the different races were created. She is here for all not only Aztecan/Mexican but for all races to assist in meeting mutual healing in both realms.

The story of the Mictecacahuatl is that she was born on earth and a human sacrifice as a baby as an honor in Aztec tradition to appease the Sun God - Huitzipolti to keep darkness at bay.  She be...

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