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Goddess Message from Minerva: Your Beliefs

At times working with the Goddess; different messages and images were conveyed to me during my Divine journey to soul expansion...Here is one with Minerva:

I feel the breeze euphorically dancing around me as the intent is set and await the revelation of the Goddess of the Time. The Roman Goddess Minerva appears in stardust and owls shriek around her to awaken the divine essence of our beliefs. Minerva takes me up into the cosmos with unending stars and we stand on top of the world. She conveys: "Every institution: School, club place fo worship, government, tribal, military or tribal gatherings have their own established belief system. Even we, ourselves, have belief systems learned from our upbringing. The Goddess conveys the reason for war is the imposition of each other's beliefs and ways of living on each other. If we just sit and think about how applicable our beliefs are to others who are different; you won't get the same answers. This also is evident within a group of same believers that there is a different interpretation of meaning of the same belief system...there's a twinkle of difference from the others interpretations. This is where openness, dialogue and understanding creates growth."

"Our belief systems are needing purification in truth. She uses me as an example as she covers me in stardust and I feel burning on some parts of my body. She tells me "Those areas are the belief systems that are not the truth and she heals me. She tells me of my belief system of past life and now carried forward into this life from my eczema. We do not need to be attached to the ideas that negatives need to remain in us.

The exercise Minerva suggests for healing: Write down your beliefs and think of peaceful way to convey what they are and be open to hearing another person's beliefs without fighting or imposing anything. The ego controls and does not acquire peace. If we allow each other to be who we are and say "My belief is this and what is yours?" You open the portal to bright possibilities by gaining more wisdom from each other by communicating. Interest in educating ourselves and about others without trying to change them is the key to evolvement if we expose our beliefs as an unlimited possibility that can always change; then we can cope as our world and life changes in relationship to ourselves, family, friends, groups or institutions.

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