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Relationship is a Two-Way Street

If you are in a relationship where you are doing all the work or always making the initiative to discover new things or create activities; then you are making the relationship and the other is not participating. This is not a relationship. If you feel that you have a friendship or relationship of any kind where one person always comes down the road to your space and you never realize that you must make an effort; then you are blind to understanding mutual respect, participation, recognition and true connection. The ego plays all kinds of games with us. We appear some way to get respect or we carry on as if but are not to be something we are not. Then we are lonely because we cannot connect. Wake up and see how you have not explored the opportunity of a two way connection. If you realize it now. I am glad you do. Make the effort to reciprocate in love and recognition. Your friends cannot be there for you at your leisure and when they need you; you disappear. You are not being a true friend. The human race must understand receiving and accepting needs a change of role to giving and allowing. Balance is important with this thought. Be blessed in understanding if you are stingy with your heart and your actions; you will receive this in your life wondering why. Look at yourself and ask which role am I playing in this relationship? I am also able to be varied in my roles so the relationship is in harmony. Much love and think about this and it doesn't matter what age or culture or any excuse you make up to not do the balanced and harmonical work. You just gotta do it. Love and Light Friends. Live a life of balance and harmony. Peace.

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