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Channelling Archangel Haniel - Honor Your Emotions

Dear Ones;

I hope you feel comforted by this post. I, for a change, was asked to channel Archangel Haniel means Joy from God. Have you felt sensitive to other's energies or emotional states? Are you an empath? Feel overwhelmed? Do you feel what other's feel to the point that you experience anxiety and confusion? Have you given so much to others and their feelings and left no room for your emotions? Have you been told that some emotions are never to be expressed, that they are improper, inappropriate or negative or a sign of shame and weakness? These are untruths. We are human beings on Earth and experience all kinds of emotions. 

Archangel Haniel is the Feminine Divine Archangel that is the color turquoise blue (turquoise ray) and has silver wings. She is here to assist in this journey of your Sacred body. 

First, we must breath in a pure white light that comes into the top of our head into our lungs and belly and cells by breathing it in with our noses deeply and then release through your mouth what does not equate you pure divinity. We are imperfect beings and are welcomed on this earth in all our imperfections. Continue to breath in this pure white light with your nose into your lungs and belly and cells and see it swirl around your body like a protective cocoon. Continue to do this breathing in purity, cleansing and see the white light as your shield. 

As you see this, imagine you have a tree trunk coming out of your body into Mother Earth. Our nurturer and supporter for all that dwell here on Earth. Feeling the deep connection into the Earth. Then breath very softly and gently to yourself. Allow yourself this sacred time to know you are Divine and that your Sacred body will take a journey to the Upper Realm ...the Heavenly Realm. Know that your Pure Light Helpers are here to guard, guide and protect both your Earthly and Sacred bodies. Now just relax and allow your Sacred body to float towards the Upper Realm. Floating out of this room into the sky above the trees and buildings and into the starry sky where many stars are and feeling so light, so much silence and peace in this Universe. 

You continue to float into the Upper Realm and there are clouds floating around you and you land softly upon a cloud. In the distance, you see an Angelic form flying towards you. It is Archangel Haniel. She assists in helping recognize your emotions and release these to stand in your Truth. As she comes closer and stands over you; you see her turquoise gown and her vast and wide silver wings. She looks at you and sees all that you are. She tells you that she can help you see that your emotions must be experienced and recognized and then released that you are represssing to make you whole and in Truth again. Think of an emotion that you repressed for one or all reasons listed. Then see and feel these and breath through the emotions to release and honor these. 

As I play the throat and heart chakra bowls (Haniel is the throat chakra and Venus is the planet and moonstone is her stone of healing).  You start to breath through the emotion and and honor and release these one by one or layer by layer...learning to love yourself and setting boundaries by announcing your emotion to gain the understanding of your state of being. It is not necessary for the other person to be compassionate and giving but you have given them the opportunity; what is necessary is your expression without hesitation and truthfulness even if you are compassionate and giving. There are no conditions to your truth, peace and self loving healing at all. It is just being REAL.

When Archangel Haniel sees that you have done this. She tells you that she works with the power of the Moon (Feminine) and its phases. After releasing and being in your Truth; you are ready to create your manifestations and goals. During the phase of the waning moon; you release as you achieve or realize some goals were not worth your time or needed more preparation or divine timing...let go. The waxing moon is taking the manifestation and building and building to achieve your goals. What a beautiful reminder from Heaven and Earth of your ability to Master your Path. Be the Divinity as Haniel places the moonstone on your open hand and you put it on your heart for healing completion. Then take your hands out opened with palms up and allow me to use my rainstick to rain down the moonstone healing waters to assist you in your process of manifestations. The drops bathe you and heal you during this 2nd portion of your healing of your Sacred Journey back to Sacred Self. What a blessing indeed.

It is time for you to thank Archangel Haniel for her teachings and lessons. You float back into the room into your Earthly body to share this experience and completion of self healing. Be in gratitude, state your emotions, set you boundaries and release without shame or conditions of outer people or influences to be healed and whole and always always Stand in your Truth. 

Much much honor and gratitude working with you Archangel Haniel and the Upper Realm. I thank each and everyone of you for your journey with me. Thank you, Namaste and Peace to You. May you always feel the blessings of the Light.

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