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Working with Ascended Masters by Blue Thunder

Dear Ones;

The Ascended Masters are not always Gods or Goddess. Sometimes the are human beings or from other galaxies but are in assistance of healing instead of harm. It is important you do research to understand the Ascended Masters and their roles as they have reached a high vibration and enlightenment.

They work with you not matter your faith, culture, country or gender. When you research their assistance to humanity and the universe; you will be more tuned into one specific one to start with. Ascended Master Jesus was my first one to work with.

He was a cool guy. He was so at ease and peace and he was much younger. He was a hippie that believe in free thought and another way of thinking of connection to God. He also told me he wished folks would remember the good times about his life instead of the suffering and torture and death of his life in celebrating his existence. He really wasn't a fancy man who wanted the trees and decoration during Christmas or the fuss over the fancy dress, foods and especially presents. He felt the harmony, unity, love and peace was the most important in life. He used to tell me: "Listen to the preachers on television; but instead of listening to the words; see the passion from their heart that loves God and me. He used to say turn the volume off and feel their heart. At times, he was amused of the people who started to preach and say: "Look at his/her passion." I would have dreams of him in a marble temple on the steps mentoring a few people and I would be there and lean on his lap sitting beside him and cooking for him. At one point; I was looking for him as I thought I lost my path to find the cooking pots filled with food to share. He assured me with his voice to me: "Beloved, you don't have to see me to know I am always with you." It was a reassuring dream. He would help me know about different healings and people's real thoughts if they attuned to him.

Another Ascended Master I work with is Kuan Yin. She is the Asian Mother Mary although Mary is another one. She was known to listen to all your tribulations and trials with understanding and compassion eyes and energy. She was the feminine of compassion as Jesus was the masculine of compassion to me. She helped me show more compassion and she assists me still today.

The next one was Isis. The Mother Goddess of Magic. She is my maternal mother and calls me her apprentice. She has a pyramid with healing chambers where she is known for alchemy and makes blueish elixirs to pour or have me consume to heal me. Since I work with a Ancient Moari Tribal Crystal Set the Moari Lineage Keeper Guardians with grass skirts and face tattoos and mohawks dance around the healing table but his is because I am open to different diverse spiritual and cultural healing modalities.

Anyway, I hope you get the jist of their assistance to you and the Universe if you wish to connect to one that resonates with you by researching about their life and purpose and as an Ascended Master for us to utilize in healing ourselves and others. There are plenty of books or tarot sets that you must feel a strong connection to purchase. Enjoy studying and pulling cards or reading about the different Ascended Masters and know that you are not limited.


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