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Meditation on the White Buffalo Woman

Time to Honor the White Buffalo Woman 12/7/16. The Buffalo is a sacred symbol of balance, abundance and clarity of connections with the Creator in manifestation and purity in mind, body and spirit. It is the symbol and hope and ONENESS. This meditation we explored the Legend of the White Buffalo Woman who is deeply needed in this time of division & lack with hopelessness during years of war. She tells us we have forgotten our connection or how to connect to the Creator and to revisit this in this journey/meditation. The legend is that she appeared to two hunters and said they should pass the message she is coming to the tribes. One knew she was sacred and honored her and the other lusted her. She beckoned the lustful man and in a cloud of dust she gave him what he wanted for the short term and when the dust cleared...he was only dry bones. She is from the Dakota plains and asked us to prepare 3 bundles for the World Tribe's Oneness fire ahead. One bundle of Release of old self, limitations, fear, lack, doubt, anger and negativity and one for rebirth of the sacred true self transformed by the Violet Flame and the last of renewal of the connections to our tribes and the commitment of Oneness and the positive future for 2017. She asked us see the sacredness of silence as the snow fell on the white blanket of the earth...this was the allowance of us to connect to Creator in this silence, dressed like Eskimos seeing the snow fall and feeling the sharp cold wind on our skin as we shielded our faces and our eyes watered from this cold...our breath fire united with this cold air was seen as we gathered our bundles and to collect 2 sticks on our journey. The air smelled so pure and fresh and as we see ahead of us...White Buffalo Woman pointed out the direction where swirls of smoke were in the distance to follow her to reunited with our Tribe. As we walked, we heard the sound of snow crunching beneath our feet. As we drew closer; we see the tents and Tee Pees. We see 4 large Tee Pees marking the 4 directions - North-East-South-West where we discover who are tribes are...When we arrived the Elders come from the tents & the tribes come and welcome us back. We must discover which tribe we belong to from sitting in each direction. Each direction is the color and feeling...there's no one higher than the other or wrong to be in to discover our tribe. Black is North and is proper use of power and clarity and it is a black light like on a mountain top of starry covers you and is not negative and sit and feel it. As you feel it, then pure light covers you to clear the experience of the next direction each time. The next color is EAST -yellow like the warming color or the sunflower yellow in your veins - this is patience and quiet power, sit and feel it and the clear it with white light, the next is Red - South the color of passion not anger and activity, sit with this and purify with white like again and the WEST - white - purity, finality and balance and completion. It is a white like the enfolds you. Now you are ready to take your place with your tribe and you are welcomed back. The next step the White Buffalo Woman advises the Elders of each direction to ask you to take the 2 sticks to make a fire sparking the passion towards the commitment to connect with Creator and know that oneness creates the colors of each direction of all races to be one surrounding the circle where a bonfire will be to take your 3 bundles- release, rebirth and renewal and put them in the circle. See the two sticks separated cannot work together and can do nothing. With unity and we must trust each other, love each other and honor our divinity in sacred self and our path and rub the 2 sticks together to create the inner fire ignited outwardly in a flame that never dies. You take the fire and set your bundles on fire to release and to ignite the goals of 2017. White Buffalo woman waits for each one of you to do this and the bonfire grows. She circles the 4 directions. North she transforms into the black buffalo, East she transforms when all the Black/North tribes have placed their fires in the center; she transforms into a yellow buffalo and South she transforms into a red buffalo and finally the completion of the West; she transforms into the white buffalo...omen of hope, abundance, balance, manifestations in pure light and purity in mind body and spirit towards the oneness. Now you are assured that you all maybe in separate directions but together you unify a great circle of unending unity. You know you are all one World Tribe committed to manifesting a positive future in your new Sacred selves for 2017. It is an honor and peace to you all and Namaste. Thank you!

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