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Exploring Your Scentuality

It was a beautiful evening. I gonged those in the room as an initial clearing and announced the meditation. It was an honor to be part of the event. First imagine with your eyes closed and gift yourself a moment of peace. See yourself as a tree and your trunk going down to Mother Earth and deeply rooted into her. She gives you everything you need and what you eat, wear, live and all the natural beauty is an symphony of the Divine. You are Divine and it is time to revisit your own sacred Divinity. Take in while light from the top of your head and allow it to bathe your body into your limbs and heart and breath it in. Your breath is like an ocean wave breathing in throw your nose and out through your mouth what you wish to release a nd does not empower you.Continue to take 5 breaths and then breath very softly, gently and lovingly to yourself. Your Pure Light helpers are here to guide, guard and support both your earthly and sacred body. As your Sacred body goes on a journey and time to a space where there's a cave in the distance. It is a cave of sea salt...of the pink Himalayan sea salt and you walk towards this cave. Your Sacred body has been there before and you enter and torches have been lit for your arrival. It has been along time since you've connected with your Sacredness...your sensuality. How long have you given yourself over to others and ignored yourself? It is time for you to do self love...a love that is not egotistical but pure. As you walk inside the cave you hear the sounds of water dripping and it is a living come into a clearing of the cave and there's a pool of rose quartz and inside warm water. So you think it is water but is is of warming oils of rose and sandalwood. You step into the pool of water only to discover it is oil and time for pampering yourself. It is time for you to allow the warming, sensual oil (scentuality) to flow and visit places of your body with complete fluidity and loving warmth...feeling the comfort and warmth. You and the oil are lovers...your body is beautiful as it is and those part of your you have neglected or have been told are negative, ugly or dirty are your creative aspects of passion. Allow your body to sink deeper into to this pool or warming oil as the rose quartz pool supports you...feel the luxury and sensual being that you are and accept all parts of you. Sit in this and just be. After awhile it is time to leave this sacred space to gift it something in gratitude and knowing that you will revisit this space again. There's blanket to wrap your Sacred body in and you exit the cave floating back into your Earthly body to become one and together grounded in this sacred experience. I thank you, peace to you, you are much loved and Namaste.

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