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Rhythm of Your Heart by Blue Thunder

Hello Beautiful People; Meditation yesterday with crystal bowls, tingsha bells and my hand drum "Rhythm of Your Heart:" You breathed and grounded yourself into Mother Earth and allowed peace to be inside and around you and you sunk deeply into Mother Earth. Supported, protected and guided by your Pure Light Helpers. I talked about you journeying into Mother Earth's chamber and her Heart. A river flow in and out of the chambers (river of love)...every time it cycled; move love was felt and you felt your heart...the expression of you and your heart beat as you allowed the chambers to be filled with love going in and out in the same cycle and you felt love fill you up and your became Love. Love is indestructible and there's no fear and you have no room for doubt. You breathed this into you ever so gently. Then you gifted Mother Earth for her reminder that you are love and a Warrior of Love ready to return to your Earthly body to share this energetic expression of YOU. You grounded and breathed and I played my drum in heartbeat to honor all that came yesterday and assisted us in this meditative and healing exercise of a small moment of peace and love. It is a honor to share light wisdom with you unlimited creative beings walking this earth in flesh. Peace to you, thank you and Namaste.

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