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Humble Service

Meditation: "Humble Service" 5/23/18 Today we focused on the humble service intention since the Memorial Day weekend was coming recognizing for the military that has served and protected our freedoms and abundance of blessings. Some have given their lives or service. We honor ourselves and our Divinity and our path so far in this earthly life. Take a moment to see the nurturing, supportive and service of others like doctors, nurses, volunteers from organizations, religious or spiritual and educational teachers that have helped you and send gratitude to each one for where you are today. Then think about all of us are deserving of all the goodness in our lives and how have we served other's in their need of support, nurturing or what they will do to share the goodness through humble service. Humble service is service without worry, thought, condition...something just given without hesitation or reciprocity. Think about what you will do if you have not to serve in sharing your goodness in life so far. Surround yourself with this giving and serving energy and take it back with your Sacred Body into your Earthly Body. Grounded, humbled and ready to service humanity in a small or large way without judgment or hesitation. Much love and thank you. Namaste. Peace.

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