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Time to Bury your Limitations - Happiness a Choice!

Isn't time to bury the idea of your limitations? I have seen so many people in my life who choose when they can reward themselves if certain conditions happen. If I do this and this and this...then I can bless myself with happiness. If my life is not run the same way for the people I surround myself with, for the culture or religion I am in, for the affiliations I am involved with and do all the right things society dictates; then I will be happy and reward myself. I think it can be nice to try to reach perfection from outside influences in our lives and the way we were brought up or my someone phenomenal we value as our guide on our path; but is it really something you totally decide for your happiness. Happiness is a choice everyday. If we are honest about the way we talk ourselves out of happiness and rewarding ourselves because we value ourselves by saying: "Well, so and so did a more elaborate way of reaching happiness; use that as your measurement is like ignoring how you feed yourself and exercise applies to all body types or your own dietary needs cannot give you happiness." Look at yourself as a person with high potential to be a positive force in any capacity you are in and what way you can reward yourself doesn't have to match another's way of reaching happiness. When we were earlier married; my Love and I traveled within the states or different natural areas for peace and release of the daily grind or for a few hours on the beach in CA. It doesn't have to equate keeping up with the Jonses. It's being true to you and what you want for happiness. Later as we worked our butts off working 7 days a week and me 2 jobs in office corporate and carpet cleaning...we learned that if we worked hard for ourselves; the person who could reward us was not our boss but ourselves motivated and asking for what we wanted but we had to do things and make sacrifices. Perfection is not what to reach for in happiness. It's being satisfied on the NOW and what can I do to reach happiness. When we were battling another state for eminent domain; we found refuge in going for walks in nature and just seeing what was so beautiful and see the Divinity in this. You can never be someone else but you and stop building a tomb around you of limitations or habits that don't satisfy you in your life. Be real and stop being locked in a tomb and not live before you hit the ground. In other words, stop being dead to the world as a living corpse and be real and love yourself enough to know you choose your happiness, not society, not your culture or religion. As a healing child; I was kept away and according to my Mother's culture and faith; I was to be pure by being kept away from people. Purity was important to my Mother raised by nuns and the culture. She influenced my brothers and Dad. She meant well but that limitation didn't allow me to live. I was blessed to meet my once again Love to see the world and experience things together that helped me. If I stuck to my limited dictation of how to live and be; I wouldn't have been married to a man of different faith, culture, etc. I would be terribly unhappy being safe and believing I was doing the right thing that was expected to equate me being a good person and living my life not looking in but outside for the measurement of happiness. Try getting out of the tomb of limitations and living a real life you risk venturing out of it and the light is so inviting. Live and be loved. Venture into a space and role you've never done. Much Much Love.

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