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Betrayal and the Wounded Child

Meditation - Honoring the Goddess - Bloudyewed with "Betrayal and the Wounded Child" by Blue Thunder 8/22/18 We started lying on our backs and allowing our spines to have roots up and down into Mother Earth. We breathed very gently nurturing and loving energy. The Goddess's story is that she is a Welsh Goddess to explain the seasons in this type of spiritual belief system as she is the symbol of the Mother Earth and she was created by a very magickal and powerful Sun God - Lugh. The Midsummer is the time of year their story is known and the celebration is "Lughanassah." It is believe the blood of the King is needed for the Earth to receive in order to prepare for the new Sun to be born in the Spring.

Lugh needed a wife and he created her from the that he could be immersed into her sweet fragrance and nectar. They made love all the time. He was to leave his wife on a journey. She saw another man and had an affair with him and they planned to kill this powerful husband of hers by a series of ritualistic orders of occurrences from spells. The thought they succeeded as Lugh disappeared....but he came back again and killed the man and Bloudywed began to run away from Lugh. He turned her into an owl as punishment.

How have you been betrayed as a young child? There's an initial point where it started. It can be a cycle of untruths triggered by this incident of being unloved, unheard, unnurtured, unprotected, abandoned, unsupported and the list of negatives goes on as you feel lonely, depressed, low self esteem, not valued or your words are not heeded and boundaries unclear. It is the time; we cope with survival skills we learn from generation to generation as we quietly accept these without question. You are an adult now and you can choose to go back and heal yourself and your child.

As a quiet observer; watching a the film of your life. Bloudyewed asks you to look to the start for a life of betrayal stems from that point interpreted as long as you hold onto it and your story. It turns in to a life of self-betrayal to achieve wholeness. As the point of the the incident occurs; she asks you to stop the film and take the adult you are and take the hand of the the child you were and step out of the movie//film. You hold your child closely. Telling this child, "I love you," "I will not leave you," "I will support/nurture you," "I will protect you," "It is not your fault," "I believe you," "I hear you," "You are valid." You keep telling your child this and hold the child closely and lovingly...healing your self child with love. Keep breathing and being grounded and relaxing into Mother Earth. You are safe and protected here. Keep hold and saying this and believe and feel it.

Now take your child and adult self back to the move/film screen at the initial point and join the child in the movie. Tell the person or people now what you need to say. "I am an adult and I am protecting this child, I love this child, You will not harm this child, the child is not to blame for....I nurture and support this child and will never leave this child alone. Say whatever...needs to be said.

Now it is time to return this bliss and wholeness back to your earthly body as your sacred thanks "Bloudyewed" for the lessons of wholeness and gaining back the Divinity you are. Walk in your Divinity and gratitude. You may visit this meditation again if any triggers occurs; do not down is a process of unlayering the veils of untruth and walking into empowerment with wholeness.

I love you, I support you, I believe you and I will not leave you. Namaste. Peace to you and soooooo much LOVE.

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