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Lifting the Veils of Illusion

Happy Fall Equinox my Loves. Meditation with the Goddess Maya...maiden/virgin of triple Goddess Kali that dances away your fears....Maya is known in Hindu & Buddhist traditions and "Weaver of the Web of Life." She tells you it is time to stand in your own truth by lifting the veils of illusion. It is time to visit with Maya as she teaches you to let go and release and everything is an illusion.

In this journey, as we breath and ground, giving all our stresses and anxieties to Mother Earth...the supporter and our spines sink into her. You breath in liquid warm golden compassion into your lungs, cells and body and heart. You breath as you feel it and become compassion. It is a comforting golden light as you feel yourself floating in this pool of compassion and breathing it in. Your sacred body starts to float to a space and time as your are protected and guided and guarded both your earthly and sacred body into a forest. It is a sunny Fall Day. It is a crisp cool day as your breath is seen in the air and you walk through a forest of many types of trees, natures is silently teaching you as you are dress comfortably to walk through the forest on this trail where in the distance; you hear exotic music. You walk and see this huge tent made of veils of many colors. You enter the tent and the musicians are playing in this tent. You look around and on the floor you see very plush ornate Oriental rugs to sit on as you remove your shoes to listen and relax. Maya has returned to teach you how to lift the veils of illusion in your life. It is like, for example, gender stereotypes: "Men do not cry, they do not wear pink & cook and women are too emotional to be leaders or mechanics." Illusions we have been told who we are by those who taught and raised us, told us that our careers would be, what was the best course of education, how to behave, dress, etc. It is time to release these since this the the Fall Equinox.

You look at the entrance of the tent; a dancer covered head to toe in veils; enters. The see the dancer sways and move without effort to the music. You see the colors of the veils on the dancer and then you start to identify your own veils of illusion. I play the bowls as you take your power back to release and lifting as many veils as you wish at the time. I encourage you to not rush in the process and if not ready to lift and release all veils that you can do this another time. I play the crystal and Tibetan bowls intuitively.

The last veil is on the head of the dancer and it is time to lift it off as you look at the dancer's face; you discover the dancer is you. You have been dancing through life with illusions and now you stand in truth. You celebrate yourself and have gratitude for all the blessings in this life thus far. You are grateful to release people, places and things and even loved ones with love. It is time to manifest during this season. Your feel gratitude and leave the tent into the forest seeing the many colors of leaves and how the wind takes these leaves like our old selves as leaves from a tree you identify with that swirl and dance to death the illusions you've kept covered with. You realize the beauty in death & releases. You then take your sacred self standing in truth of who you are back to your earthly body to feel this, walk and talk this life now as I play the koshi bell.

Whenever you wish to lift any other veils of illusion; do not hesitate to visit Maya with gratitude. Thank you, Peace to you and Namaste. Now it is time to release these into the fire.

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