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Rebirthing Your Creativity

Hello Fellow Creators and Creatrixes; The meditation sound storytelling of the Universal Lesson of the Time is "Rebirthing Your Creativity" of the Goddess Ix Chel. She is a Mayan Goddess in the Yucatan & her sacred island is Cozumel. She is the Goddess of the Web of the Universe, Snake Goddess, Moon Goddess, medicine, childbirth and sexuality. She has the womb jar that is outpouring to all the creative waters to forever flow. Are you feeling stagnant? Do you feel you are blocked? This is an illusion. You are part of the Web of the Universe and Ix Chel will teach you that you have the power to create a new you, a career path, a space that is sacred for you, your home or relationship or a piece of art.

In this meditation, you grounded into Mother Earth the Nurturer and Creatrix. You breathed in the Heart of the Earth of the color of sparkling emerald green light from the top of your head into your body and cells allowing it to be in and around you and you breath out very slowly. You continue to breath and your body relaxes and the emerald green sparkling light is inside and around you and breath out very slowly. Relaxing your body and mind in this light of the Earth. You breath very slowly and softly relaxing even more. She is jaguar energy and so we are kindred sisters. Her story is that she became lovers with the Sun God and her Grandfather was unhappy with this and tried to kill her. Her symbol is the the dragonfly and it danced and sang over her til she was healed. Dragonfly is the power of light and reminds you to revisit thoughts of your creativity and it heals you and gives you a sense of wholeness and peace.

In this journey; we traveled to your bedroom. You sat in front of your bed and saw atoms dancing in the air in your Sacred body as your Earthly body remained grounded and both guarded, guided and protected by your Pure Light Helpers. You then laid down on your bed and saw the molecules dancing in the air and you and the bed were dancing molecules of the universe as you looked around the whole room became one in this dancing vibrational energy of creativity. You saw, felt and are part of the universe. You expanded your awareness that the apartment/room or home was molecules of the vibrating energy of the creatrix and universe, you then saw your city this way vibrating, you expanded to see your state as a vibration of energy of creativity, then you saw your country and the globe. You felt the creativity of molecules all and in this universe how everything is forever dancing and moving and creating. Breath this in and ask yourself: "What do I wish to create for myself? Do I create a piece of art, do I create a new relationship? Do I create a new career? Do I create a new life but use consciousness when you create. You have the power to create consciously. See your creations, feel, and be the part of the Web of the Universe of Creator/Creatrix. When you are ready; return this creative energy knowing you are unlimited creative beings of light. Give thanks to the Goddess Ix (ick shell) Chel for her lessons and you are welcome to revisit this space any time again. Take this into your body and let it flow and be one again to do the earthly creative goals you have clearly connected to. As you ground yourself back into the room; you feel powerful, creatives and know at nothing can stop you. Peace, Namaste and Thank You. The meditation was in the Goddess Oracle by Hrana Janto. th

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