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Nature of Rage

6 hrs

Hello My Friends; The Meditation Wednesday, 10/3/18 was a great honor. Working with the Universal Lesson of the Time and Goddess Sekmet was beautiful work you all did. She is an Egyptian Goddess who felt dishonored and ignored. She is the Sun Goddess of the Dark side of the Sun. She is the lesson of anger and rage. Anger is unexpressed the first time to set your boundaries and release built up over time becomes explosive rage. How many times were you regretting not speaking up? How many times you felt depressed and dishonored or ignored? Were you told anger is negative, to repress it, unpleasant, unacceptable, wrong and ugly?

You are a human being and it is an emotion that needs release instead of being repressed. Honor yourself and let the Goddess take you on a journey. Breathed and grounding in Pure Light so you are clear about this journey. Letting toxic emotions release is appropriate and healthy. You sacred body is taken to a jungle forest on a sunny day. The skies are blue and clear and there is life all around you as you are barefoot looking down and feeling the rich, dark soil. You see many exotic plants and smell flowers and hear the sounds of birds and nature around you. Nature teaches you harmony. You walk into the paradise feeling and seeing its beauty and then you see the Goddess Sekmet. Her story is she was ignored and she wanted to devour the human race in Egypt but one of the Gods - Ra put vats of beer and pomegranate juice so she would think it was human blood and the beer made her calm. Now, I am not saying drugs and alcohol are the answer. It is your Power mind and choice to be at peace and work with your anger and rage in a more spiritual way. As you see the Goddess; you feel unthreatened as she is only your teacher...she does not want you to be consumed with anger and rage but address it in this journey. She is a Lion-Headed Goddess and she looks at you with piercing eyes. She says, "Have you been keeping your anger and rage hidden? Now is the time to let Nature teach you about it as it is healing to release it. She points to a distant volcano with smoke coming out of it, making sounds and you fellow her closer. The smoke covers the air and you cannot see and you understand as when angry/or with rage; you cannot see clearly what is going on around you. You keep it pent up but yet inside you are angry. As you watch the volcano erupt a bit; Sekmet tells you to watch how it festers and then comes out. Anger needs to be seen, needs to be expressed and go back to a time when something made you angry at the initial point and see it, feel it and know it is safe with Sekmet to do this. The Goddess then tells you as the volcano fully erupts like your destroys all life and life's positive opportunities to connect and enjoy letting anger consume you as a destructive force and to the point all beauty and harmony cannot be felt. You choose if you wish to have the fire on the plants and trees caused by the eruption of rage to consume you or do you see your own anger? Own it, feel it and release it? Say to yourself: “I am angry.....,,!” Until you feel a difference in your energy and you see the smoke has cleared and the air is clear, the ashes are cooled and fire diminished as you feel cooler and your heart relieved and relaxed in love and harmony! You are grateful for the lessons of Sekmet and go around the jungle finding offering to gift her thank you. She tells you; "You may visit me again and again as needed to understand that anger is to be seen, expressed and released to be healthy, harmonic and peaceful so you stay on a positive path." You take this healing release back into your Earthly Body. Ground and walk your path in positive movement. This journey with Goddess Sekmet inspired by "The Goddess Oracle" and Hrana Janto's meditation. Much love, thank you, peace to you and Namaste! She is the first Goddess that worked with me in my healing journey into accepting myself in femininity. This is my interpretation with nature as my guide.

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