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Self-Growth: Mind, Body & Spirit

Storytelling crystal bowls today 11/14/18. The Universal Lesson of the Time is "Growth"...self-growth. The German Goddess Eostre is the teaching of you learning about balance of your mind, body and spirit. When we feel stagnant, blocked, depressed or limited; we are in the illusion of limitation and struggle that comes from Ego. We breath in the peaceful breath into our nose and body and our body begins to sink into Mother Earth and our muscles and spine relaxes and as we breath peace in; we feel our toes, ankles and calves and knees relax. We continue to breath and our thighs and hips relax and breath to relax our spine and abdomen and organs, continue to breath and release and relax your fingers and wrists and elbows, and arms, breath again and relax your shoulder and neck, breath again to relax your jaw and face and forehead as your eyes are closed gently. You breath as if you are a tree connected to Mother Earth. As your earthly body is relaxed and rooted; your sacred (both guarded, guided and protected); your sacred body floats into a beautiful earthly scenery and you see the green grass and mountains and the texture of the soil. You smell the moistness in the soil and you see there are plots of land and you choose one. Notice what the surroundings look like...sandy, muddy, rich, gritty and pick your plot to create your sacred space. You float down and see your guide is wrapped in blankets and greets you as your guide hands you a blanket. You look into the sky and see a figure brightly coming towards you and your guide. It is the Blonde Goddess Eostre (oy-ster). She is the German Goddess with blue eyes and her brightness is like the season of Spring. Spring is the symbol of growth and she greets you and asks you questions you ask yourself: "Are you limited in your expansion of your mind? Do you want to learn something new and take a class? Have you wanted to travel or do something different to expand not only the intellect or analytical mind but the mind expanded in learning something new. Have you felt a need to honor your body the temple and vessel? Have you given it movement? Have you fed it healthy and have you clothed it properly in different seasons. Have you taken care of yourself? Have you felt spiritually alone and need to reach out to others and dialogue to learn about their spirituality to expand your understanding of the universe?" It is the time you learn to balance and what needs to be addressed mind, body and spirit. The Goddess hands you a pouch with seeds in it. She asks you to plant the seed or seeds the help you achieve your self-growth expansion into the earth. What will you need to nurture this expansion? What qualities or actions and thoughts will be contributed? Will you plant only one or all as many to rebirth and grow you. See yourself deeply planted into the moist soil, what will you need in your plot to nurture and support and create growth expansion? You sit and think about what you need to address some or all 3 in self-expansion and growth. You then see these getting deeply rooted and stronger and then the plant and leaves that are growing from your self-dedication of growth. You see your growth in whatever needs to be done. You thank the Goddess for her lesson and remember the season of Spring in your life is not the season but a time you take for your growth that can be a springtime of growth any time. You thank Goddess Eostre and think of returning back to your body. As you see yourself grown; you feel that and slowly float back to your earthly body to be mingled and merged together this growth. You know that you are divine and you are loved, you are in gratitude of your expansion and how fortunate you are of this time and abundance others do not have. You are expanded. Thank you and Namaste and Peace to you. Another piece of information is this Goddess of Springtime has the rabbit as her symbol or birth and fertility and gifts rainbow eggs. She is also known as Ostara in the Pagan traditions...wonder where this holiday we call Easter is from? I have weaved my story with Amy Marashinsky's writings of the self growth lessons.

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