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Blessed day calls to me...Nature Spirits, Faeries and Elementals sending peace to you for the balance and healing you give. Giving Grace to the Creator/Creatrix for the bounty of love, people, experiences and opportunities to unite. I give thanks to the Ascended Masters, My Guides, Angels, Power Animals and All the Masculine and Feminine that guard and teach with transformation in positive movement. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have certain people cross my path and walk with me as well. I am grateful for the patience and my ignorance in the Light that leads to my transformation in seek of truth, higher power and purpose. I surrender that I am Divine and all that is is to BE. I am grateful this year no one died this year from Healium, no one ended up in jail or no one was attacked and the memoriums were null. It has been an honor to share what I can from my limited capacity with you and it has been an honor to struggle and realize that where and what I am is just what I am now. Sometimes, we have no idea what the plan is and we struggle creating a plan over the years that doesn't work because that's not the plan. What is Sacred is realizing that what you've been on is a journey back to Sacred Self to realize that patterns of limitations or a reference back to what is truthfully BEING. I don't know how to explain this but my tears are grateful and as I did this realization looking out to the trees in my home as the Ravens called and the Fox appeared...I realized the trees formed a heart after I announced to myself that who and what I am is not always what we think and Universe will guide you back to YOU. Thank you all of you for being here. I am blessed to see how human, how vulnerable and how unlimited we can be in peace. Thank you and Creator/Creatrix. I humbly bow to All the Divinity seen and unseen of Pure Light. Love you.

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