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Are you a Sheep or Wolf - Addiction

ARE YOU A SHEEP OR A WOLF? BAAAH or GRRRR Talked about addictions from a woman who asked: Addiction...your thoughts?....Another man commented that it was genetic..My answer: It is a passed down trauma from the initial ancestors response to a traumatic way of coping that they chose over and over again to be the 'remedy' and as their children watched, they learned this similar emotion and coping 'remedy' of choice not genetic was the answer and then it passes down the line as the 'remedy' to an initial choice.

When you are young; you don't really question some habits like addiction and you follow...then you gotta figure out your choice is from the aspect of asking yourself: Are you a Sheep or a Wolf?

For example, my family has diabetes and heart attacks, strokes and obesity...I chose to be the odd one out at the moment...I don't dress like my family...don't get me wrong...I love my family...I don't eat like my family, I exercise and I don't even enjoy everything they do nor my spirituality is not like my family or neither do I dress like my family...I also learned in Shamanism that even unhealthy emotional responses are learned falsely passed down like anger...I had witnessed PTSD and learned the coping response was that...I carried with this trait into relationships of diff. kinds that actually was destroying the quality and possibility of understanding, dialogue and love...It was a pattern of response behavior...I had worked on many years to get where I am today and reprogramming yourself is knowing you love yourself enough to choose...ARE YOU A SHEEP or a WOLF?"

If you have a true addiction; there are addiction clinics along with resources...esp. terms of anxiety and depression, suicidal has resources and other alternative therapies included with this is a journey you can ask for help with by supportive community, family or friends. You are loved and the possibility of your best self forward is a choice you make...pick healthy reprogramming and tell yourself the opposite of the choice and what positives it will bring every time you have a thought. Don't let addiction rule your life...tell you when you can visit, do or enjoy life, sleep or bring your best self forward.

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