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Break-through Illusions into Manifestation with God Thor

11/28/2018 - "Breaking-through Illusions into Manifestation" The Universal Life Lesson comes from the Nordic God - Thor. He is a giant and very oxen muscled with red long beard and hair. He wears a Viking Hat and carries a Hammer. He is known as the Protector of both those who dwell on Earth and to the Gods/Goddesses in the Heavens that battles evil. This God dwells in Uppala but he will take your Sacred body on a journey to Valhalla (Nordic Heavens) to the "Hall of Mirrors of Illusions."

As you breathed in peace in through your nose and lungs and body; your spine began to root and connect deeply into Mother Earth. Each breath you melted into the Provider, The Nurturer and gives all you need to dwell on Earth. Relaxing with every breath and release your stress and anxiety. Relaxing your jaw and your neck and face and shoulders deeply as you are One with Mother Earth. Now breath very gently relaxed in this Sacred time you have gifted yourself.

It is time to be one with your divinity. Your Pure Light Helpers are here to guide, guard and protect your Earthly and Sacred Body. Your Sacred body looks into the night sky and there's a vortex of compassion that is golden and it feels warming and embraces of our Sacred Bodies. As we pass through the vortex into a space and time; there is the God Thor awaiting for your arrival. He tells you it is time to break your illusions in life. Fear is an illusion, anything that has stopped you emotionally is an illusion, lack is an illusion, lack of power is an illusion, trauma that stops you is an