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Working through Envy

Jealousy and envy do not service a beautiful heart, it robs you of understanding, clarification and seeing what beauty you are. We are all human and have faults and strengths. We acknowledge this is truth. When you are envious; take a good look at the mirror and say "I love you." Sure we have had times we have not understood each other or lost the gratitude you have had compared to the homeless, the hungry and the disabled and but there is one thing that you can the earth your true self and forgive each other. We may say things that can interpret incorrectly from the far left to the right. We have done or said things we didn't mean to harm but only as a release. Forgive me if I have harmed you. I forgive you. Do not create a dark cycle of this wave of jealousy, contempt, gossip because it equates to self loathing and get back to self loving.

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