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2018 Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice: It was beautiful and felt the days before meditating on the beach facing the ocean a sacredness and life all around me. The Mountains, Mother Earth, the Ocean and Sky and the Air carried life. I grounded myself like a tree and connected my roots to Mother Earth. Watching the ocean waves go in an out and allowing and acknowledging the pelicans and vultures fly by. Continued breathing the ocean waves and smelling the salty air and the wind caress my body. I felt love. The sand on the beach was a caramel color and gritty. The sky had few clouds. I breathed in the rhythm with Ocean Mother. The Mer people were sent love and the Mer Elementals as well. I kept breathing and emptying my old self and energy into the ocean and saw the threads and cords and energy like old cobwebs flowing out to sea. I kept breathing as Spirit said this would be a process. I did yoga and stretches and meditated.

I came every day to do this feeling my old self and energy being pulled out as the waves were pendulums of pulling and pushing back to shore. I became the quiet observer and participant in this divinity of releases. At time my tears came out as relief. I felt this every day until a day or two before Solstice as all was emptied of me and surrendered into the Ocean Mother. Then I felt a golden light of warm love bath me and fill me up in my vessel, mind and 5 physical senses and my spiritual senses. I felt this and sat in STILLNESS.

STILLNESS is essential to being true to you and yourself. I remember the trip on the catamaran with many people out to sea and the stingrays and the dolphins hurrying us back to shore after witnessing the end of a day and beginning of stark night. We kayaked to the open caves to see what was there. We saw more stingrays and I saw a turtle. This was sacred to me and danced celebrating life again. The last words to me as I exited the small boat to shore was from the crew .... VERDAD in Spanish means "stay true." I cannot be anything else.

The next day again the beach in witnessing the beauty of STILLNESS. I am filled with life and life is around me. How sacred is the miracle of being. I then sang to the ocean as all days before leaving the beach and saluted in namaste the 4 directions and raised my hands to earth and sky and turned clockwise as they slowly joining in a sphere of energy like Tai Chi or Chi Gong and felt these and played with it on my body to move it and landed in my heart to stretch inward and outward sending love out to all. It was a cloudy day on Solstice and I danced to the realms, I danced for my lessons and the people in my life come and gone, I danced the 7 directions and to my Pure Light Helpers. I was not alone here in this space. I cried for gratitude to be able to do this. I moved my arms and hands back and forth and moved energy from Ocean Mother to Mother Earth and all that dwelled. I asked the Sun that was overcast with clouds if both could allow a little peek of the sun to salute the symbol of masculine. The clouds moved away for a peek as I chanted in the ancient language channelled in my body when euphoric or at STILLNESS. Didjeridoos do this to me as well. So sacred as my soul remembered a language I can only understand. The language of Spirit. I then closed the circle opened turning counter clockwise and bowed and sang to my Love. I then was finished and walked the beach to find washed ashore 4 vulture feathers for the sacred symbol of 4...directions, elements and seasons and the symbol if tripled 1,000 angels will be present.

This is rare I share with you but I feel being true like the post "When you evolve; people will not understand or will fear or will leave you; EVOLVE anyway!" How perfect this resonates with me. Are you ready for 2019? It's coming anyways.

Thank you for being present in my life and being part of the plan that sometimes we do not understand...just try to flow into forward movement in Light, Love and Trust in Spirit. We are all sacred having divine experiences on Earth. Let's understand by dialogue, by education and sharing to uplift ourselves as Warriors of Peace.

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